Security Through The Years

The concept of using fences or walls to defend people or property has been around for thousands of years. Older fences were sometimes constructed of stone or wood. Even hedges were used in some areas to serve the same purpose. Later on, features such as barbed wire were added to fences. Though the use of fences has changed quite a bit over time – your wall may no longer be protecting your village from conquesting outsiders – the general idea remains the same.

Handling the security needs for your company is a critical job. Unfortunately, though the technology required to best safeguard a business’s assets and property is out there, far too many companies settle for insufficient site security. We’ve had countless corporate execs come to us after being rocked by costly theft or property crime because they thought their existing security measures were sufficient.

Just as the types of fences used for various purposes throughout history have changed, so too has the technology available and the types of forces trying to bypass them. Decades ago, this very company started off by training dogs to guard business’ properties. We eventually learned a scary truth: Many criminals are smart enough to easily gain access to a company’s sites. To combat this, we devised a unique, new method of protecting job sites, and we set out to make it available to any companies that were serious about site security. This is how the Electric Guard Dog integrated layered security system was born.

Having a fence is wise. Having surveillance cameras makes sense, too. However, it’s a crucial mistake to assume that these measures alone will protect your business from criminals. The Electric Guard Dog system was designed with the mindset that proper security stops the bad guys before they’re able to harm you. This simple but powerful concept has allowed our thousands of customers across the country to feel something they lacked before: peace of mind. Our system consists of three layers of deterrents – physical, shock, and alarm – all contained within one intimidating electric fence. Get started with protecting your company’s sites the right way today by requesting a free, in-depth threat assessment from our expert team.