5 Self-Storage Security Standards to Make Your Facility Stand Out  

Winning self storage security standards are crucial for preventing theft and loss, which can leave your reputation tarnished.

As inflation and housing prices skyrocket, the self-storage business continues to grow.  People who need to save their money by downsizing usually have only one place to put their stuff…a self-storage facility. That means self-storage owners have more competition than ever.  

With more and more self-storage businesses entering the market, one important way to distinguish yourself from the crowd is to have your self-storage security measures front and center. When customers choose a self-storage facility, the safety of their belongings tops their list of priorities. When you can alleviate potential theft worries, you’ll capture more of your market – and keep your facility safer, too.  

Here are five self storage security measures that deter crime and help you shout from the mountaintops – or the top of your self-storage facility – that you are serious about keeping customers’ belongings safe! 

  1. Commercial perimeter security fencing – A strong perimeter security fence is your first line of defense against thieves — and it’s the most visually obvious one to potential customers and thieves, too. A perimeter security fence’s job is to keep thieves out and belongings in. To be effective, it needs to essentially be impossible to breach. So, choose your perimeter fence wisely. A wooden fence can be easily broken or disassembled, and a chain link fence can be cut in seconds. The best commercial security fence to keep your self-storage business safe is an electric security fence. Commercial security fencing that’s electrified provides thousands of volts of stopping power, sending thieves and customers a clear message that security is a top priority at your facility. 
  2. Video surveillance cameras – Video cameras don’t just catch thieves in the act of theft (if they manage to breach your electric security fence – a nearly impossible feat). Video surveillance cameras have a powerful psychological effect on criminals as well as customers. For criminals, seeing surveillance cameras acts as a psychological deterrent because it shows thieves that they have a high chance of being identified if they try to enter the premises. For customers, seeing video cameras on site gives them a feeling of safety, as if security is keeping a watchful eye over their belongings at your self-storage facility 24 hours a day.  if a theft does occur, footage from video surveillance cameras can help local authorities identify and catch the thieves to hopefully recover any stolen items.

  3. Access control systems – Letting anyone wander onto your property is an invitation for trouble. As part of your commercial perimeter security fence, add an access-controlled gate so that only authorized personnel and customers can enter your property. If your self-storage units are inside a building, add access-control panels to those doors, too.
  4. Solar-powered security system – Power outages put all your hard work on hold while they get the lines up and running again – which can take days or longer. Can your self-storage business afford to be unprotected for that long? 
    Your customers are not going to be happy knowing their belongings are like open game for thieves and looters in the case of a bad storm. With a
    solar-powered security system, you and your customers can rest easy knowing that your facility (and your customers’ belongings) are safe in any weather.Also, just for clarification, it’s a myth that solar-powered systems don’t work in cloudy weather. Solar-powered security systems work at night, in cloudy weather, and during all types of storms because of battery-stored power.
  5. Lot lighting – Lot lighting projects an aura of safety to customers while actively deterring thieves from committing crimes on your property. Depending on your needs and the layout of your facility, you can choose from a variety of different lot lighting options, including “always on,” movable lighting, accessory lighting, and more.

Is your self-storage facility protected enough to attract new clients?  

With new self-storage businesses popping up everywhere to serve the growing needs of a recession-era population, you’ve got more competition than ever. Stand head and shoulders above the rest with self-storage security features that keep your business safe in ways your customers can see. Find out how you can upgrade the security measures at your self-storage facility by downloading our Perimeter Security Playbook here.