Steering Ahead: Idealease Annual Meeting

We attended the 35th Annual Idealease Meeting to support and connect with our partner, once again. This year’s meeting took place in San Antonio and featured Leap Forward as the recurring theme, suggesting building momentum comes from looking to the future, not the past.

KnibbeRanch-125096-edited.jpg Mike Thompson and I share in some Texas-style fun at the Knibbe Ranch.

It’s not the first time we’ve attended this event, but each year we learn something new about Idealease and their industry. We discovered many similarities EGD and Idealease share when it comes to liability and accountability — a testament to our great security-centric partnership.

Speakers raised topics under the Leap Forward theme celebrating Idealease’s recent gain in market share, thanks to new partnerships and new equipment. Their most profitable line of new business is ownership conversion, where the prospect is sold on leasing Idealease trucks rather than owning their own fleet. This business model is very similar to our own — when you lease our fence, we take on the liability and maintenance at no charge, thus allowing our customers to focus on their daily business operations instead of security. Idealease is doing the same by offering maintenance of their trucks — at no additional charge — through the leasing model. Customers in both industries get the benefits without all the hassle.  

Our likeness goes deeper than just business models. We also found that EGD shares many of the same customers as Idealease and also serves many of their preferred suppliers. With related industries that rely on cooperative partnerships, it’s no wonder that future-facing companies like Idealease and EGD would cross so many paths.

Discussions also covered the partnerships that occur with a successful company. Many top Idealease achievers in various roles and departments were honored and celebrated this year. Also highlighted was the importance in gaining strength in the company through cooperation and synergy among various departments.

Speaking of cooperation, we never miss an opportunity to rope someone into touching the Electric Guard Dog fence. Check out our demo fence in action below.

We appreciate the opportunity to connect with and hear from our Idealease customers each year during this meeting. Jay Ingram, VP of Operations at Summit Truck Group, stopped by to share how theft has stopped completely for them since installing Electric Guard Dog.

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