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Supply Chain Security: Protecting The Industry This Holiday Season

Increased Holiday Demand Creates Added Pressure for Members of Our Nation’s Supply Chain Industry – How Perimeter Security Can Better Protect It. 

As members of the supply chain industry, we don’t need to remind you of the challenges you’re up against not only this holiday season but year-round. This time of year – every year, demand for goods increases, and consumers everywhere are counting on you to deliver. Depending on where your operation falls in the chain – you may feel different kinds of pressure – but if there’s one thing for sure, you can’t afford to run into any problems

While you’re busy keeping your operation running this holiday season, criminals are looking to take advantage of the increased number of vehicles on your property, the valuable cargo you’re storing, and busy employees not paying attention to whether they locked the gates or not. If victimized – your busy operation could come to a halt, impacting the flow of the entire chain you belong to.  

As long as there is demand, this trend of holiday crime will continue. When you consider that – and what’s at risk for your operation, an investment in better perimeter security is worth it. 

External Factors Causing Supply Chain Vulnerabilities 

For companies who manufacture, warehouse, and move goods – the holidays can be an exciting but challenging time. Often employees are putting in overtime and the volume of goods being produced and transported is higher than at any other time of year. When you compile this on top of the already existing supply chain issues we’ve encountered this year – the impact is significant. This year, your business has likely faced one, if not all these challenges… 

  • Increasing fuel prices 
  • Staffing and employee retention 
  • Increasing conflicts abroad  
  • Production challenges  
  • Port congestion 
  • Extreme weather  
  • Demand inconsistencies 

Not only have you faced these challenges, but your channel partners have as well. Because of the chain structure, when one partner is strained all partners will feel the effects, therefore amplifying the significance. Being that these are often external factors, you and your partners can do little to control them.  

Protect What’s in Your Control – Protect Your Perimeter 

While some things are out of your control this holiday season, there is one step you can take to ensure your operation continues without a hitch.  

This time of year, businesses everywhere see an uptick in property crime. You could say, it’s the season of giving for most – but for some, it’s the season of taking. It’s an unfortunate reality that business owners typically take reactive steps to address. We argue there are proactive steps that could be taken to protect:

  • Catalytic converters  
  • CPC modules (brains of a truck) 
  • Cargo  
  • Precious materials (copper)  
  • Key machinery (generators, forklifts, pallet lifts, etc.)  
  • Your facility as a whole  
  • Employees   
  • Customers & partners 

Tell us, if any of these items were taken, damaged, or threatened while on your property today – what would it mean for your business?  

  • Long production turnarounds 
  • Missed delivery deadlines  
  • Damaged reputation 
  • Lost customer relationships 
  • Employee retention challenges 

The best way to prevent catastrophic losses this holiday season is to be proactive with your security measures, rather than reactive. That distinction matters. Don’t underestimate the importance of deterrence which can prevent major indirect losses, like service interruptions, delivery failures, product and supply shortages, and personal safety of staff. 

Start with your facility’s perimeter—that’s your first line of defense. 

Consider a perimeter security solution like The Electric Guard Dog™ fence, which integrates layers of security to protect not just products and profit but also staff and your business’ reputation. Electric security fencing, along with monitors and alarms, keeps criminals out. 

For temporary sites or greenfield lots used to handle increased demand this time of year, we offer a temporary solution. Portable Electric Fencing gives you the option to customize the size, shape, and location of your secured area, for a short period of time or if it requires long-term protection of your assets.  

Both solutions from AMAROK are offered as property security as a service (“PSaaS”). Partnering with a SaaS company—rather than just purchasing security equipment—comes with tons more benefits, including the expert support and knowledge of technicians and professional monitoring to ensure your security measures stay serviced, up-to-date, and maintained.  

Here are some more holiday security tips from our blog to help you stay safe this year. 

Stop crime from happening in the first place by prioritizing your perimeter security and keep those naughty-list criminals out of your business! Request a custom threat assessment of your property today.