The Best Way to Prevent Theft at Your Automotive Recycling Site

Automotive recycling can be a difficult field to be in when it comes to property crime. With the U.S. automotive recycling industry bringing in $32 billion a year, thieves have the perception that auto yards are loaded with expensive, easy-to-steal items. When you factor in that these valuable materials are visibly stored outdoors where thieves think they can roam undetected, auto yard owners have to be hypervigilant about theft.

Unfortunately, theft from auto yards happens all too much. Without proper site security, thieves may have free range to make off with the most valuable materials from your site, damaging your business’s bottom line.

Automotive Recycling Companies and their Security

  • U.S. Auto Supply: Electric Guard Dog layered security system
  • City Scrap and Salvage: Security camera system
  • Insurance Auto Auctions: Gallagher Command Center and Fence Controller

Which of the above do you think has the best security? 

The Best Security to Prevent Theft

Automotive recycling businesses that use a layered security system are better protected compared to similar businesses that only use one form of security, such as cameras, guard dogs, or security guards. Security guards are not cheap, and guards can make mistakes, allowing thieves to plunder your yard’s most valuable items. In the worst cases, unscrupulous guards can even facilitate theft.

You may have installed security cameras on your site. Though we hate to be the bearer of bad news, our experience has taught us that security cameras are usually terrible at preventing property crime. What’s the point of having solely an expensive array of cameras that won’t even stop thieves from raiding your site? Clearly, the best security solution must address the real goal: preventing theft in the first place.

Layered Security

Optimal security for your business requires multiple layers of deterrents. First, the physical imposing nature of the fence and signage every 60 feet makes thieves question whether they’ll even bother trying to gain access to your site. A fence is often enough of a hassle that thieves will try elsewhere. A shock deterrent is the next line of defense, which stops thieves in their tracks who weren’t intimidated by the tall fence. The jolt from the fence needs to be strong enough to guarantee the intruder won’t try cutting or climbing the fence again, but not so dangerous that the shock does lasting damage. Finally, a monitored alarm deterrent is in place so that thieves will want to flee your site as quickly as possible to avoid arrest.

Make Your Security Budget Count

Tired of security breaches and shrinking profits at your site? Layered security can totally eliminate — or at least significantly reduce — external theft. In fact, one leading layered security company reports that 98% of its customers have experienced zero external theft after installation of their system. Obviously, there is a cost to install such a system. But when factoring in losses due to theft, increased insurance premiums, and peace of mind, an investment in site security is a no-brainer. Automotive recycling companies of all different sizes around the country have used layered security to prevent costly theft.

Make sure your business is equipped to defend itself against the financial harm done by thieves.