The Best Way to Prevent Theft at Your Trucking Transportation Site

Trucking companies understand the risk of theft they face. In 2016, hundreds of trailers loaded with cargo were stolen, with an average loss of over $200,000. Rings of cargo thieves seem to be using increasingly sophisticated tactics to pull off big jobs. With this threat ever-present, it is important for trucking companies to stay on top of the newest technology and strategies to protect their cargo.

You may have installed security cameras on your site. Though we hate to be the bearer of bad news, our experience has taught us that security cameras are usually terrible at preventing property crime. What’s the point of having solely an expensive array of cameras that won’t even stop thieves from raiding your site? Clearly, the best security solution must address the real goal: preventing theft in the first place.

Trucking Companies and Their Security:

  • NEMF Trucking: Electric Guard Dog layered security system
  • Shelba Johnson Trucking: Fencing with lights and security cameras
  • Hale Transportation: Fencing with lights and security cameras

Which of the above do you think has the best security?

Layered Security

Are other trucking companies adopting stringent security protocols while your company is still following the old rule book? Don’t let your company be an obvious target for cargo thieves. For help in securing your cargo while it’s waiting to be transported, protect your site with a layered security system.

Layered security refers to three types of deterrents. A physical deterrent, in the form of a large fence with intimidating signage every sixty feet, helps keep unauthorized people from trying to enter your site. A shock deterrent in the fence makes scaling or cutting through it a virtually impossible task. The shock isn’t lethal, but is painful enough that most potential thieves won’t bother trying again to gain access to the site. Finally, a monitored alarm deterrent is the final component to layered security. The blaring alarm, triggered by trying to cut or climb the fence, sends intruders running to avoid apprehension.

Many companies are already starting to see the benefits of layered security. Make sure you’re keeping up with your competition so cargo thieves don’t identify your company as the weak and easy target!

Learn how a layered security system can protect your company from costly thefts.