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Theft Rings: 8 Things You Should Know

What is a Theft Ring?

A theft ring is a group of people that works together to steal valuable items, money, or assets. These groups stay organized to maximize their efficiency, minimize risk, and steal as much as possible. The way they work varies depending on the type of theft they are trying to pull off. 

As a business with valuable assets, it’s important to understand how these sophisticated crime rings run so you can protect yourself and not fall victim. After all, this type of organized crime is a multi-billion dollar problem, so you do not want to get caught in their crosshairs. 

8 Things to Know About Theft Rings and How They Operate

1. Recruitment and Roles

Theft rings consist of members who each play specific roles within the organization. These can include planners, lookouts, burglars, drivers, and fences (individuals who sell stolen goods). Some members specialize in finding potential targets, while others focus on carrying out the actual theft. 

2. Planning

Before conducting a theft, careful planning takes place among the team masterminds. Often, it involves researching potential targets, assessing security measures, and finding the best time and method. By planning out their every move, this minimizes their risks of being caught in the act and increases their chances of a successful heist. 

3. Communication

Effective communication among ring members is crucial to ensure that things go smoothly. Lookouts may be stationed nearby to warn the others of approaching law enforcement or security guards. Communication might occur via walkie-talkies, cell phones, or other encrypted messaging platforms. 

4. Execution

Once a target is found and a plan is in place, the members go ahead with the operation. This can involve breaking into buildings, cracking safes, disabling security systems, and other activities to gain access to valuable assets. To prevent such actions on your property and gain ultimate peace of mind, you need an effective perimeter security solution. 

5. Transportation and Fencing

After stealing the items, the thieves need to transport and hide the stolen goods. They might use stolen vehicles or alter license plates to avoid detection. That’s another reason it’s important to fully secure and protect your property’s perimeter. Your business’s reputation and revenue are on the line if one of your vehicles is stolen and used in a crime. 

6. Distribution and Sale

When it comes to theft rings, the term “fence” takes on a whole new meaning. They might also be referred to as the receiver, mover, or moving man. Fences, in this case, distribute the stolen items and sell them for a profit. They usually have connections to the criminal underworld to help move the stolen goods discreetly. Fences typically take part of the profits, and the rest goes to the other members within the criminal organization.

7. Disposal of Evidence

To avoid detection, theft rings need to dispose of evidence that could link them to the crimes. This might involve disposal of the tools used in the theft, altering stolen goods to make them less recognizable, or destroying the evidence altogether. 

8. Evading Law Enforcement

To continue their criminal activities, theft rings often use tactics to avoid detection by law enforcement agencies. They might change their methods, locations, or even their structure to make it harder for authorities to track them down.

The Bottom Line for Businesses

Theft Rings are smart and calculated organizations. If your property or valuable assets are in their sights, they will pinpoint and take advantage of any weak spots in your security system. 

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