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Top 5 Perimeter Security Blogs of 2023

As the year ends, we are excited to bring you our curated selection of AMAROK’s Top 5 Perimeter Security Blogs of 2023. This year, we’ve covered topics from catalytic converter theft prevention to tips for gaining security budget approval to the most bizarre theft prevention tactics we’ve seen.  

As you close out the year with holiday celebrations, time spent with family and friends, and strategic planning for 2024, it is also important to freshen up on the theft trends, review best practices and evaluate your 2023 security strategies. Here are the top five blogs to help guide you:

1. The Unexpected Pitfalls of Commercial Property Insurance

You’ve got insurance, so you should be covered if your business is targeted for theft, right? Not so fast. A single commercial property insurance claim can increase premiums by 20%. Not only could you see a spike in your insurance premium, but you may end up paying multiple deductibles if more than one asset is taken and in the event of excessive claims, you could be dropped entirely. These shortcomings prove that relying on your commercial property insurance isn’t an effective solution to recovering from theft.  

2. Security Best Practices for Trucking

Cargo theft continues to rise, threatening the profitability and smooth operation of trucking companies across the country. Not only is cargo theft costly, but it can tarnish the reputation of a company if shipments are delayed or missing and endanger the lives of truck drivers. This blog explores methods for keeping your trucks safe in transit through route planning, anti-theft systems, and more. We also provide a quick checklist for drivers to keep cargo safe on the road. 

3. Business Process Adaptability 101: Adopting New Security Practices

Introducing new processes and technology can be difficult for any organization, but change is necessary for growth. Whether your business is making a seemingly minor change like implementing a new time-card system or a larger lift like overhauling your security practices, getting employee buy-in is often the hardest part. The key to getting your employees to adopt new processes positively and quickly is easing the pain of change. With these steps, you can help your business scale for long-term success without resistance from your staff. 

4. Security Experts Weigh-In on Proactive v. Reactive Perimeter Security

The real cost of crime is three times greater than what you think – making a proactive security approach paramount. Not sure where to begin when it comes to developing a comprehensive security plan to protect your property? This blog analyzes the true impact of commercial property theft as it relates to employee safety, business operations, productivity, and more while providing tips and best practices for a proactive security approach. 

5. Recovering Stolen Commercial Property: Tips and Strategies

If your property is targeted for theft, swift and effective action makes all the difference when it comes to recovery. It is easy to become overwhelmed by police reports, inventory checks, sifting through surveillance, and all that comes with recovery, but this blog provides a quick checklist to ensure timely recovery from theft. 

Is your security plan ready for 2024?  

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