Weed out crime with AMAROK’s vegetation control services

‘Spring Clean’ your property’s perimeter with Vegetation Control services

Spring is here, and who doesn’t love it? The days are getting longer, the weather is warming, and everything green is starting to grow – maybe a little too much?

Is your property’s perimeter in need of a good ‘spring cleaning?’ AMAROK’s vegetation control services, offered as an adjunct to the Electric Guard Dog solar-powered electric fence, is an ideal solution.

Security starts at your perimeter

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the best way to prevent crime is to stop criminals from getting onto your property.

Overgrown shrubs, bushes and other dense foliage at your fence can negatively impact your perimeter security:

  • Obscures your view of the fence line. Stealth is a criminal’s preferred method of operation. Overgrowth that limits visibility at your perimeter makes it easier for would-be intruders to approach, surveil and attempt to enter your property without being detected.
  • Can reduce voltage of electric fencing. The Electric Guard Dog fence is designed to deliver a walloping 7,000-volt shock upon contact. If a tree branch or other plant life makes contact with it, the voltage may be reduced. Intruders will still get a jolt, but not quite as much. We prefer them to get the full Electric Guard Dog experience!
  • Causes false alarms. Contact with vegetation and debris is also the leading cause of false alarms for electric fencing. Responding to frequent false alarms takes time and attention away from running your business. That can reduce your productivity, cost you money and result in needless worry.

Can you do it yourself?

So, now you understand the risks of vegetation overgrowth. Why not simply have one of your employees clear the fence line or hire a landscaping company to do it?

You could. But, assigning the task to an employee takes time away from their core job responsibilities – i.e., activities that generate revenue for your company. And remember, they’re going to have to do this on a regular schedule, to prevent recurrences.

As for hiring landscape companies, they’re expensive. (And, again, they’re going to have to come out periodically to handle regrowth.) Additionally, landscaping companies focus on more than just the safety of your perimeter, driving up unnecessary costs.


Weed out crime with AMAROK’s vegetation services

AMAROK’s vegetation control services are only available as an enhancement to our security-as-a-service perimeter protection solutions, all of which start with the Electric Guard Dog fence.

  • For new installations, our professionals will provide an initial clearing of a three-foot-wide area to install the electric fencing. They can either solely provide this initial clearing, or opt to continue to receive vegetation maintenance on a regular basis after installation.
  • For existing AMAROK customers who add vegetation services, we will thoroughly clear existing overgrowth from around the Electric Guard Dog fence and continue to clear unwanted growth as part of our regular fence maintenance.

In either case, you won’t need to call to get service – it’s automatic. Our professionals visit client sites regularly to inspect and maintain the Electric Guard Dog fence and related equipment so your perimeter protection solutions always operate at peak performance.

Looking for more ways to safeguard your property’s perimeter? Download AMAROK’s Perimeter Security Playbook.


AMAROK is the leading provider of solar-powered electric fence and perimeter security services in the U.S. and Canada, with over 30 years in the industry. Our solutions are designed to deter crime so clients don’t have to deal with the aftermath. We customize each security solution to each site and install + maintain it for one affordable monthly subscription. With AMAROK, you can say goodbye to criminal intrusions and hello to a safer work environment.


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