What Can Tom Brady Teach Us?

While Super Bowl LIII was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in league history, there’s no denying that Tom Brady has carved out success for the New England Patriots on a monumental scale. Here at AMAROK™, we saw some similarities and want to point out how your perimeter security can be a Tom Brady for your company.


  1. Age is just a number. Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere, and any doubts of him aging out of his sport was proven wrong with his sixth Super Bowl win—this time against the LA Rams. AMAROK’s perimeter security systems technology is weather-tested and proven to withstand the test of time. Our very first installation is still standing and fully effective. And what’s a better return on investment than something that’s going to last? Just look at our starting lineup here.

  2. When the pressure is on, that’s when we shine. Like the Super Bowl, we consider every potential security threat as our chance to win together. We work with you to look at the crime in your area and analyze your needs to put together a perimeter security game plan, personalized to your company. Tom Brady knows a little something about pressure, and, while he isn’t perfect, he seldom makes the same mistake twice.

  3. Our competitors fear us. Intimidation and reputation are part of our brand, just like Tom Brady. We are known for delivering results and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our visual deterrents are more than just words, we’ve got the voltage to back it up as well.

Although we don’t have any Lombardi Trophies lying around, check out our case studies to see how we can show up for your team — sign up for a free risk assessment for your company today.