Worst Perimeter Security Award: Clothes Hanger

For those who are unaware, 70% of the time, sites that have a theft will have another. The quickest way to ensure you suffer another break-in is to put a Band-Aid on your issues.

A lot of today’s vernacular has its origins in the past. The phrase “For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable” was coined by ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates. Loosely translated it becomes the cliché “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” While we can be certain the cliché is accurate, we can also assume that not all times are desperate. Also, and more importantly, measures taken during those times should not be permanent.

Many are unaware of his existence, but the ancient Greek security specialist, Securates (Hippocrates lesser known cousin), once said, “For Extreme Fence Cuts, Extreme Methods of Cure shall be most suitable when they are temporary in nature.”

clothes hanger used to improperly fix a perimeter security fence

If this sounds made up, you’re on to me. With that said, it does not take someone of Hippocrates’ intelligence to realize when something will be ineffective. A security specialist would warn you that such fixes will also potentially draw more unwanted attention to your site.

As a security specialist, I have seen quite a few things that left me scratching my head, and this site (pictured above and below) is no exception. Clothes hangers and paper clips to shore up the hole in the fence are not going to fix your underlying issues.

paper clips used to improperly fix a perimeter security fence

While we’re at it, covering a hole with the top of an igloo-shaped dog house really isn’t fooling anyone (except your dog).

dog house used to improperly fix a perimeter security fence

A weak spot like this will be used against you moving forward. Fortunately, for this location, and unfortunately for the bad guys, the gate is at least…locked.

Admittedly, everyone does what they have to immediately after a break-in. Problems arise when “temporary” becomes months or even years. Even properly repairing the security measure that did not prevent theft in the first place isn’t enough. Again, thieves broke in once, so you have a 70% chance they will do so again.

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The only way to mitigate the risk that a site will face is by properly layering your approach to perimeter security. For example, if cameras did not prevent a theft, “more cameras” may not be a great solution. But you’d be surprised how often this philosophy is employed. Securates would hang his head in shame.

A common fear among customers is that thieves will view their property as a “soft” location. This is another way of saying, “Am I an easy target?” While I’m not a criminal, I know how to think like one. Wire hangers and paper clips that can be cut with household scissors is the very definition of “soft.”

If you’re unsure what your options are to achieve layered security, read our layered security blog. And give Fido back his doghouse, please.