Construction Subcontractor


AMAROK (formerly known as Electric Guard Dog) is the Nation’s leader in the Perimeter Security Industry. Our unique and technically advanced electric fence reliably stops theft and other criminal activities by guarding our customers’ perimeter with 7,000 volts of relentless protection. Nothing protects like an electric fence!

AMAROK is proud to have an average tenure partnership of 15-years with our subcontract crews! Steady, year-round work available.

Ready to partner with the best in our industry? We are seeking experienced and established 1099 Subcontractor Crews Nationwide to install and repair our award-winning electric fence. Ideal crews will consist of 3-4 crew members with a working crew owner/foreman onsite at all times.

Why partner with AMAROK?

You decide how much you make: The more a crew can travel, the more a crew can make! It is that simple! The average install is approximately 1,800 feet and each installation crew average 1-2 installs per week. Crews are paid by piece installed (post set, wires ran, entry ways, etc.) and per foot.

Grow your business: The demand for our product has skyrocketed and business is booming! We have an overflow of projects Nationwide waiting for installation. Crime is not a trend that will dissipate, and criminal activity is on the rise, therefore reliable work will always be available for your crew.

Make a difference: Have you ever been a victim of theft? Or know someone who has? Theft and asset lost can be detrimental to businesses. By installing our electric fence, your crew aides in helping business protect what is theirs.

Training provided: We want you and your crew to be success. AMAROK provides extensive, hands-on training for your whole crew!
We kindly ask for crews not to apply if you do not own your own truck/trailer and tools, do not have a valid license, unstable crew, and unable to travel. These are non-negotiable requirements.

Requirements to install for AMAROK:

  • Must have your own truck, trailer, and tools
  • Professional, established, and experienced crew (3-4). It is desired for the company owner to be the crew’s foreman and must stay on the installation site with their crew members
  • A minimum of 2-3 years previous experience in general construction, chain link fence, carpentry, gate motor, concrete, etc.
  • Ability to travel a 500-miles radius (sometimes staying out 1-2 weeks at a time)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Basic math skills
  • Ability to work in varying weather conditions and climates
  • Previous experience with Quickbooks, PDF, and Excel (preferred)
  • Clean criminal background
  • Proof of applicable insurance and licenses (some assistance provided by AMAROK)