Ultimate Perimeter Security in Colorado

Colorado offers a fantastic balance of expansive industrial areas and sweeping rural wilderness. While these areas may have little else in common, they share one trait — both are tempting targets for thieves intent on stealing assets from your business or its customers. AMAROK is here to help you stop them.

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The Importance of Commercial Security in Colorado

The state recorded 3,385 property crimes in 2023, with 46.5% occurring at commercial locations. In 2022, the total property loss due to theft surpassed $200 million. That figure excludes motor vehicle theft, which amounted to another $292 million in property loss over the same period. Intangible costs — such as lost productivity and erosion of customer trust — rose proportionately for that time. 

Law enforcement can’t be everywhere at once, whether in rural communities with smaller police forces or large cities like Denver. Businesses in areas with lower traffic at night and in remote locations with sparser populations make attractive targets for thieves.

Colorado companies of all types require robust security to preserve their hard-earned reputations and bottom line.

Why Install an Electric Fence?

Installing an electric fence in Colorado helps prevent property losses and damages better than traditional approaches like human guards. AMAROK provides protection at several levels to tailor solutions to unique property needs. Our flagship product The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence, offers:

  • An imposing physical barrier: Our fence towers over intruders at an impressive 10 feet tall and  is often enough to warn them off with visual cues.
  • A memorable shock: If potential intruders persist, they receive a medically safe and legal 7,000-volt reminder that you’ve invested in robust property security.
  • Attention-getting lights and alarms: Breach attempts trigger LED lights and sirens that drive thieves off.

We provide our perimeter security solutions and your selected optional enhancements at no upfront costs through a subscription model. You’ll pay one fixed monthly fee for completely customized security, maintenance and repairs.

Additional Security Features to Enhance Protection

Our Electric Guard Dog Fence prevents 99% of external theft, and you can enhance its value with several additions.

FORTIFEYE™ adds cameras and around-the-clock property surveillance to your electric fence. You’ll access real-time feeds and our video monitoring that confirms an intruder’s presence and satisfies dual verification requirements. 

Our exclusive Sentinels are ideal for adding multilayer security to remote or more vulnerable areas. They expose a would-be thief to blaring sirens and ultra-bright lights that draw extra attention to their access attempts.

Protect structures that make up your perimeter with building intrusion detection for a comprehensive property security solution.

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Who We Help

Many types of industries call Colorado home. One challenge they share is theft, and the state led the nation in property crime between 2011 and 2021. AMAROK is here to help organizations like these protect their assets and reduce their chances of joining the statistics:

Hear From Your Neighbors Out West

Many Colorado-area businesses trust AMAROK’s security-as-a-service solutions for effective, safe and legal perimeter protection. We’ve helped businesses achieve robust security at several locations:

*Data collected from AMAROK business cases.

Nationwide Expertise With Local Service

At AMAROK, we have a proven process for successful installations countrywide. Our approach includes:

Once installation is complete, your assigned project manager will introduce you to our Customer Care team. This group provides ongoing support and advice throughout your fence’s lifetime.

Talk to Your Local AMAROK Expert in Colorado

AMAROK serves the nation through our team of dedicated local representatives. Our experts have the knowledge to solve your most challenging perimeter security issues. They also have the resources to successfully navigate your Colorado electric fence installation with local authorities. Connect with your AMAROK representative by submitting our online contact form today.