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CPC Theft – 7 Tips to Protect Your Trucks

As a company in the trucking industry – protecting your trucks is a top priority. Any sort of damage is a headache whether you sell, service, or store. 

For truck dealers – it’s profits that take the hit. Best case, it’s a truck that hasn’t been sold yet – worse case, it’s a truck recently sold pending pick up. Not only can you not sell that truck but it’s going to sit on your property taking up space and preventing you from bringing new inventory on-site. 

For truck service – it’s your reputation on the line.

Your customers trust that when they drop their trucks off to be serviced by your team that they’ll pick them up in better condition than when they left them. Not only will they think twice about doing business with you in the future, but it’s possible they’ll share the experience with their network of truckers. 

And if your business relies on trucks to do business well  you can guarantee productivity will decrease until you can seek parts and repairs. 

Truck CPC Theft on The Rise – No End in Sight

Of all the challenges facing the trucking industry this year – truck part theft is top on the list more specifically CPC theft.

What is a CPC in a Truck?

While all parts are important, a CPC or Common Power-train controller is the brain of your vehicle. It controls everything from the engine and transmission to the power windows. While only about the size of a VHS tape – your trucks cannot operate without them. 

Due to the global chip shortage, the demand for CPCs in new trucks is greater than the supply of the chips used to produce them. When demand is high, theft trends typically follow and so the cycle begins – unfortunately putting the criminal in control.

Tips to Protect Your Trucks from CPC Theft

While key players in the industry continue efforts to stop truck CPC module theft there is no apparent end in sight. The chip shortage will carry on into 2023 and criminals will get more and more creative. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to take back control.

Whether your trucks are on-site or on the road, we have tips for protecting them from CPC module theft. 

1. Create Awareness with Your People

Share the theft threat with your employees. When your people are aware of the heightened risk – they can take proactive steps to help protect property. Remind them when leaving trucks unattended even for a short amount of time to turn the vehicle off, take the keys with them, and lock the doors behind them. Encourage them to report any signs of property trespassing or damage as it could signal security weakness. And always shut, lock and arm gates (if applicable)!

2. Encourage Route Planning & Safe Parking Sites 

While your site is a bigger target due to the volume of trucks – your property is still at risk when on the road. Certain routes and parking lots are more remote than others. If possible – locate safer, well-lit, well-traveled routes and parking lots when off-site.

3. Install and Set Vehicle Alarms

To take a CPC from a truck, criminals need to access the inside dashboard. Certain anti-theft and vehicle alarm systems could encourage criminals to go elsewhere if sound.

4. Talk to Neighbors

If your neighbors are experiencing property crime – you could be next. Stay friendly and communicative with businesses next door so they share this type of insight with you. Connect with other local trucking businesses to see what preventative measures they’ve taken. Reach out to your local police department to make them aware of the crime trend and request they increase nighttime patrol.

Incidents of CPC theft for trucks and other vehicles should be reported to Daimler Truck North America who is working to track the threat. Learn how.

5. Increase Property Lighting 

Criminals stealing CPCs know precisely what they’re looking for and where to find it – but they don’t want to be caught doing it. By keeping your site well-lit – you may discourage CPC thieves from targeting your business.

6. Install Updated Cameras

Most security camera systems need to be updated every few years, but many businesses forego it as the expense can be hefty. Though sometimes the visible presence of cameras is enough to turn criminals who don’t want to be caught away – they’re not always an effective deterrent. For example, cameras capture footage of the theft but don’t catch the criminal or get your property back.

7. Beef Up Perimeter Security

Nearly half of reported incidents of trucking-related theft take place in commercial truck yards. A perimeter security solution that allows you to keep criminals from even stepping foot on your property will be more effective than anything else at deterring semitruck CPC theft.

The only perimeter security solution on the market that is 98% effective at preventing property crime, like CPC module theft, is the Electric Guard Dog™ Fence . Any attempt to cut or spread the fence will result in a 7,000 -volt shock that will send criminals targeting CPCs to the next victim. With this system, cameras and lighting integrate to create an even more effective security solution.

From what we’ve heard from CPC theft victims– it’s the indirect costs like lost productivity or damaged reputation, not the direct costs like replacements or repairs that hurt their business the most. Want to learn more about the cost your business could face if targeted by CPC theft? See our True Cost of CPC Theft worksheet or submit for a Custom Threat Assessment with our security team.


AMAROK™ is a full-perimeter security company based in Columbia, South Carolina, that provides commercial security services throughout the United States and Canada. Specializing in electric fencing and perimeter security systems for commercial properties, AMAROK also provides supplemental surveillance solutions, including cameras, lights, and alarms. Together, these business security services form the ultimate crime prevention solution for any business. 

The Ultimate Perimeter Solution

AMAROK is the ultimate perimeter security solution because it deters thieves, so there is no need to deal with the aftermath of a crime. AMAROK deters criminals in three ways; a shock deterrent, a physical deterrent, and an alarm deterrent. Installing The Electric Guard Dog Fence™ system is an effective way to prevent theft or vandalism at your business.


Even though professional monitoring speeds up police response time, criminals may still be able to breach your perimeter and enter your property. That’s why AMAROK developed FORTIFEYE. FORTIFEYE is the world‘s first integration of electric security fencing, video surveillance, and video monitoring solution to create the ultimate crime prevention solution for your commercial business or industrial site.