Perimeter Security for
Critical Infrastructure

Oil and gas refineries, energy companies, railways and port facilities — all provide essential functions for society. All are prime targets for criminals, and AMAROK helps you stop them.

Safeguard Society’s
Most Crucial Needs

Our electric fencing has been proven to stop 99% of external theft. With The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence from AMAROK, you turn your perimeter into a triple layer of defense. Our 10-foot-high electric fence creates a visual deterrent and physical barrier, while lights, sirens, and a memorable jolt make intruders reconsider.

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Critical Infrastructure Demands Next-Level Security

Create a comprehensive perimeter security solution to protect your critical infrastructure with enhanced security measures. Pair your electric fence with multilayer, integrated security services like:

We also offer multiple fence enhancements to address site-specific needs, such as:

Why Critical Infrastructure Needs Better Perimeter Security

Critical infrastructure companies fulfill essential roles in society by delivering the goods and services we rely on daily. Theft from these organizations disrupts our ability to power structures, heat buildings, get necessities, or access life-saving care. Investing in a security system for critical infrastructure helps prevent these adverse outcomes by stopping losses before they occur.

Crude oil lost to the black market annually
$ 0 B
Cargo lost to theft annually
$ 0 B
Copper lost to theft annually
$ 0 B


Stolen crude oil and refined products are easy to sell. Tank farms occupy poorly-lit sites with an endless maze of pipes and towers that make it difficult to spot intruders. AMAROK prevents criminals from gaining access to your oil assets in the first place.


More than 95% of overseas commerce comes by ship through US ports. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to adequately monitor activity in these sprawling container yards. AMAROK prevents would-be criminals from gaining access in the first place.


Forty percent of all American intercity freight and 13% of the nation’s goods travel by rail, making freight yards prime targets. With a variety of valuable cargo and little to no security, freight yards need a way to deter theft and vandalism. AMAROK provides affordable and effective perimeter security.


Scrap copper prices have been on the rise for years, making utility infrastructure a prime target. In addition to direct losses, copper theft interferes with power distribution to critical services and poses a safety and liability risk. Protect your utility infrastructure with AMAROK.


Typically isolated, unmanned and spread out, solar fields pose a unique security risk. When solar panels are stolen or damaged, there’s an inevitable loss of revenue associated with repairs, downtime and lost productivity. AMAROK’s solar farm security systems are reliable, low maintenance and affordable.


Our electric grid system’s vulnerabilities have become increasingly evident through recent incidents. Many times, stations and transformers are in remote areas fenced in only by chain-link and without personnel guarding — defenseless. AMAROK ensures the reliability of your energy grid and protection for your transformers with a comprehensive perimeter security solution that prevents unwarranted access.

How AMAROK Protects Critical Infrastructure

While the organizations above share a common issue, their unique risk profiles and security challenges differ. Companies in this sector have assets permanently affixed outdoors, which leaves them continuously vulnerable to threats.

AMAROK is equipped to help any critical infrastructure business with a tailored solution that safeguards assets and communities. We leverage our innovative products, services and expertise to develop customized security approaches based on your property needs. Our integrated measures help your business effectively deter, detect and respond to unusual activity faster to keep goods moving, assets safe and the power on.

AMAROK Is Your Source for Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions

AMAROK handles all maintenance and servicing of perimeter security so you can focus on delivering essential products and services to society. Enjoy benefits like:

Electric Fence with a Warning Sign

Frequently Asked Questions

AMAROK’s electric fences for critical infrastructure sites are designed to deliver a safe, but memorable electric shock to deter intruders.

AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions for critical infrastructure sites offer comprehensive protection against unauthorized access. Incorporating features like electric fences, video surveillance, and access control, AMAROK aims to create a secure environment for these vital facilities.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by critical infrastructure sites, AMAROK provides customizable perimeter security options. A dedicated representative works closely with you to conduct on-site assessments, identify security risks, and develop a tailored strategy.

Security challenges in critical infrastructure sites stem from the vital nature of their operations and the high value of the resources they handle. Protecting against unauthorized access and theft is crucial to ensure the safety of personnel, prevent environmental damage, and maintain the continuous operation of these vital facilities.

To gain a deeper understanding of how AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions can be customized for critical infrastructure sites, contact a local AMAROK representative. Our representatives are well-equipped to provide detailed information, conduct on-site assessments, and guide you through our process.

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