4 Holiday Perimeter Security Tips to Protect The Fruits of Your Labor

Just Remember: Thieves Don’t Take Long Holiday Weekends Off
Labor Day 2021 (September 6) is fast approaching. While millions of Americans enjoy a well-deserved three-day break that honors their hard work, thieves will not take the weekend off. They are counting on the extended period of time that your commercial property goes without people or proper security to inspect, plan, and carry out a break-in.

AMAROK_Stock Photo_Man entering building IntrusionIn fact, it’s not a matter of if a property near you is broken into, but rather which properties near you will be broken into over the long weekend. Thieves will take advantage of the carelessness of commercial businesses and steal the fruits of someone else’s labor.

The nerve.

According to CargoNet, the top “targeted locations” over the 2020 Labor Day weekend were warehouses, truck stops, and parking lots. All are prime locations for housing or transporting the top targeted commodities—electronics—and this year’s expected additional top targets—food, beverages, and medical supplies. Total loss value: nearly $17 million, with an average loss value of more than $235,000!


[This is an infographic of the 2020 Labor Day Theft Trends Reported by CargoNet]

Prepare Today! Don’t Be a Soft Target This Labor Day Weekend
Protect the fruits of your labor with a few additional basic security measures that can prevent theft at your place of business. Here are a few you can safely implement today:

  1. Watch your perimeter.

Keep an eye peeled for lurkers or anything that seems out of sorts.
Make sure your perimeter is properly secured, with no overgrowth, fence breaks, or debris.
Look for tell-tale signs of lurker activity, like paper bags, bottles, or cigarette butts.
Chalk marks on your sidewalks could indicate that you are being targeted by thieves.

  1. Illuminate your property.
    Inspect all lighting fixtures on the premises.
    Replace dim and non-working or burned-out fixtures.
    Moton-detection lighting can be especially effective because it surprises thieves in the act of breaking in before they break-in.
    Review timers to make sure lights activate when your facility is closed.
  2. Perform a system-security test.

Make sure your monitoring service is receiving a strong signal.
Report system faults immediately.
Update contact information for the company alarm call list.
Consider all alarms as actual break-in attempts.
Contact law enforcement and request additional patrols in your area.

  1. Secure your assets.

Move valuable items inside for the weekend, if possible.
Leave unattended trucks, tractors, and trailers within range of cameras and lighting.
Remove all keys from all vehicles. Secure keys in a locked location. If possible, park vehicles close together to limit access and to make it more difficult for thieves to open and close doors and hoods.
Lock all trailer doors and never leave the keys inside the tractor.
If possible, make an impromptu unplanned stop at your business over the weekend and get some assistance from key personnel in the company to do the same.
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Take Time Now to Secure Your Perimeter and Commercial Site

Few occurrences are more discouraging than being called to a crime scene during a holiday weekend. You can put a stop to that, and to any possible criminal activity at your facility, with a little extra attention.

But now is the time to take notice and secure your commercial property and perimeter —not Friday, September 3, at 4:30 p.m. Begin today and gain the peace of mind that you’ve earned through your hard work!

We hope these security tips will help so that you can have a safe and theft-free holiday weekend!

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