Solar Panels at a Commercial Property

5 Benefits of Solar-Powered Security

5 Benefits of Solar-Powered Security

Sustainability is top of mind for companies of all sizes in 2023. Not only have sustainability initiatives proven to reduce costs and grow profits, but a focus on climate action can also attract investors, customers and employees. With the global perspective changing, a sustainability initiative is no longer a “nice to have” but a necessity.

When considering areas of your operation that could go green, security might not be the first thing to come to mind. It’s undoubtedly unique but nonetheless, something to consider. Here are five benefits of a solar-powered security system.

Solar Security Gate

1. Solar power costs less in the long run

Unlike electricity delivered by your local utility, sunshine is free. For a security system to keep your business protected around the clock – it takes a lot of power and could leave a dent in your electric bill. Leveraging solar power keeps your security operations off your electric bill. 

Note: While solar systems typically require a hefty initial investment, our system requires no initial setup cost. Therefore, you won’t have to wait 20 years to see the cost benefits of solar-powered security.

2. Solar power keeps you protected during power outages

When the lights go out, crime rates increase. Most security systems fail after just a few hours without electricity and criminals know this. Sure, generators can kick on but those are only good for so long too.

The reality is, betting the security of your business on the power grid is a gamble too risky to take. If there is anything we’ve all learned in the last few years, it’s that we can’t always rely on our current power grid. Natural disasters, rolling blackouts, and power grid attacks are becoming more and more common. Sometimes knocking out power for weeks. 

A solar-powered security system is the only way to ensure your business stays secure during power outages.  

Note: Many people believe that a solar-powered system would run out of electricity on cloudy days. Not true. Solar panels store energy in batteries for nighttime and cloudy days. Ours store battery for up to 3 days without daylight.

3. Solar can secure remote parts of your property

To remain unseen, criminals will attempt to access a property from the darkest, most remote point. Typically, the area of your site where power doesn’t reach – otherwise you’d light it!

Unfortunately, with a security system that is hardwired into a utility power grid, it may not be possible to run cameras, alarms or lights where they need to be without extensive and expensive electrical work. With solar-powered security, you can put what you need where you need it, without wiring. 

4. Solar security system installation is less disruptive to your business

Installing a security system that is hard-wired into the utility grid may not be possible on your site without moving equipment, uprooting paved surfaces, and disrupting operations. Talk about a headache.

Solar-powered security systems are far more agile. While any construction project on site is bound to cause some disruption, pavement will not need to be ripped up or relaid and there will be minimal equipment relocation necessary. For the most part – your business will stay productive and therefore profitable

5. Solar supports your sustainability goals

Whether it’s your investors, customers or employees pushing your company towards sustainability – switching to a renewable energy source for a key operation like security is bound will get their approval.

Customers are typically the biggest driver for sustainability goals.

“Two-thirds of North American consumers prefer eco-friendly brands.”

When you show your customers that your company cares about their footprint, not only are you leaving a positive impact on the planet, but it’s good for your bottom line, too. Consumers overwhelmingly report that they are willing to pay more for products and services that are sustainably produced.

AMAROK proves the reliability of solar security systems

Because of these benefits, AMAROK began leveraging solar power as a power source for security offerings in 1993.

From our  to video surveillance  and more, we harness the power of the sun to lower our customers’ energy costs, keep them on the grid, and cut down on the use of non-renewable energy.

We often get the question, “how reliable is solar-powered security?”. For our customers who experienced past theft, the Electric Guard Dog has stopped 99% of external theft – and we think that number speaks for itself.  

Want to know more?

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary Threat Assessment. We’ll look for hidden vulnerabilities in your current security system and show you how a solar-powered security system from AMAROK is not only reliable but can help you be more sustainable.