image of a person setting their security system

6 Ways to Remember to Arm Your Security System

Your organization can purchase the most innovative and powerful alarm system on the market, but if you forget to arm it, it’s like having nothing at all. Remembering to arm the security system is a fundamental step in ensuring the protection of business, property, assets, and even your business’ reputation – making this a top-of-mind concern for facility managers, owners and GMs.

Your security system acts as a psychological and physical deterrent to intruders and facilitates a rapid response in the event of a security breach. But only if it’s armed! So why is it so hard to remember to arm your security system?

Memory lapses are surprisingly common. When you’re trying to add new tasks to your normal routine, those lapses can become more pronounced. Distractions, stress, inadequate sleep, lack of awareness, and even vitamin deficiencies can cause forgetfulness and lead to an unarmed security system.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help your busy brain remember to arm your security system before you leave for the evening, weekend or on a long holiday break.

Here are six tips to help you remember to arm your secuirty system and keep your business safe:

1. Setup reminders

One of the easiest ways to remember to arm your security system is to set reminders. Your phone, laptop, smartwatch, and even Google Calendar can be programmed to send you a notification when it’s time to lock up. Over time, the alarm will train your brain to the routine of arming your security system at the same time every day. Eventually, you won’t need the reminder at all.

2. Stack your habits

Humans are creatures of habit. From how you get ready in the morning to the way you complete work tasks, humans like to establish a pattern and stick to it. Adding something new to your usual routine works best when you “stack” your habits. Stacking a habit means integrating a new habit into something you already do. For example, one way to fit in five minutes of meditation is to do it while you’re waiting for your morning coffee. When it comes to remembering to arm your security system, you could stack the new habit of activating the alarm with a current end-of-day habit like rinsing your coffee cup out in the sink. A Post-It note stuck next to the sink can help you remember to arm the system while you’re building this critical new habit.

3. Leave your keys on the alarm panel

You can’t leave work without your keys. Hanging them on the alarm panel is a surefire way to help you remember to set your security alarm. This is one of the easiest and most effective tips on this list. With an inexpensive hook stuck to the side of the alarm panel; you’ve got a failsafe way to remember to arm your system before you leave.

4. Setup automated arming

Don’t want to worry about remembering to arm your security system at all? Choose a system you can program to arm itself automatically at a certain time. That way, it’s one less thing you must remember. Set it and forget it.

5. Choose a system with remote arming capabilities

When you use a smartphone app or an online portal, you can arm your security system from home, vacation, waiting in the school pickup line— or from anywhere. Remote arming gives you a bit of wiggle room. So, if you forget to arm your system before you leave, you won’t have to drive all the way back to the office to do it. Systems with remote arming capabilities also tend to have alerts that let you know if your system hasn’t been activated by a certain time, for double the protection.

6. Train your employees to arm your security system

Don’t be the only one who is trained to arm your security system. Make sure to train your employees on how to do it, as well. The more people who can remember the task, the better.

Building new habits takes time

Stick with these tips to remember to arm your security system, and you’ll be building the habit you need to keep your business safe. Remember, a security system is worth nothing if it’s not turned on.

Other than a forgotten alarm system, are there other security vulnerabilities that thieves could exploit to take a bite out of your business’ profits?  Find out by scheduling a FREE Threat Assessment. One of our experts will assess your facility, look for weak spots in your security plan, and help you find ways to patch them before they’re discovered by thieves.