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Building and Protecting a Brand Through Security

The risk of property crime is a direct threat to your operations. So often it’s the operations team, seeking security measures. But have you considered how property crime might threaten your brand’s name and reputation?

Today, consumers make decisions based on emotional drivers. They seek brands that they feel are reliable. They go to businesses where they feel safe and taken care of. They go to businesses with knowledgeable and expert staff. They seek partnerships that are mutually beneficial and help build their reputation.

All things crime can damage.

How Security Protects Your Brand

An investment in effective security doesn’t just protect your property. It can protect your brand’s reputation from a number of damaging factors.

Reliability starts with security

Dependability is paramount to a solid brand. No customer wants to have their products go missing, their service delayed, or have to miss their own deadlines because they were depending on your business, and you dropped the ball.

When commercial property crime happens, it can throw your timelines off by weeks or more. Replacing stolen items or equipment, working with your insurance company, and closing down shop until an investigation and repairs are complete – it all takes time. The more unscheduled downtime in your operations, the more likely you are to receive negative word of mouth therefore turning prospective customers away.

A safe workplace is an in-demand workplace

Security that keeps not only your workplace but also your employees safe is good for business. Building a brand that customers love is critically dependent on being able to hire and keep top-tier talent. The best employees in your field have options and they likely won’t select an unsafe workplace.

Keeping customer data and property safe

Depending on the type of business, a break-in could threaten more than just your property. If you store customer data, inventory, vehicles, equipment, etc, crime could greatly impact your customers directly.

Keep your profits up and prices down

Theft is expensive, not only in lost equipment and inventory, but also in increased commercial property insurance premiums, downtime, and lost productivity. Increased costs for you could lead to increased prices for your customers, which may cause customers to turn to your competitors, instead

A single large insurance claim can raise premiums by as much as 20%.

How To Build Your Brand Around Security

When promoting your brand, security matters to your customers (whether they realize it or not). It’s up to you to communicate to customers and potential customers that you take security seriously. After all, they are the ones who will reap the benefits.

Here are some ways you can do it (consider forwarding this to your marketing team).

1. Prompt & promote reviews, testimonials or survey results about safety and security

If you send out automated requests for reviews, add verbiage that prompts them to think about “safety” or “security.”

Then, when sharing customer reviews and testimonials in marketing campaigns, prioritize the ones that mention safety and security. The most effective marketing content is content that appeals to someone’s emotions.

2. Publish case studies that show security impact

Show prospective customers how your security has directly provided a solution to a customer’s challenge through a written or video case study. This will allow other prospective customers to see how your security could solve a challenge they’re currently facing.

3. Showcase photos and videos of your security solution in action

On your website and in your marketing materials, show off the security measures you’ve worked hard to put into place. Consider including subtle security photography on your website photography and social media posts, or a piece of printed collateral detailing your dedication to security

4. Remind customers often that your security efforts are for them.

From ensuring that customer equipment and goods are safe in storage at your facility, to knowing rental equipment is in proper running order, to keeping prices low by keeping products safe, telling your customers once is not enough. Remind them how your security efforts translate into real-life benefits for them until your brand becomes immediately correlated with safety.

Is your security strong enough to build a brand on?

Could property crime be putting your brand’s reputation at risk? Request a free custom Threat Assessment from our team of security experts. We’ll analyze your property and current processes and see if there are hidden vulnerabilities that could leave you open to crime. Plus, incorporate local crime data and provide you with recommendations on how to protect yourself from the risk.