De-Fence Wins Championships: Proactive Security Beats Reactive Measures Every Time

When it comes to winning championships, teams don’t sit around wondering what to do. They have a plan in place BEFORE the game starts. 

The same goes for your commercial security strategy. When you’ve got a system in place to keep break-ins from happening, you don’t have to worry about police recovering your lost inventory (which statistically doesn’t happen often) or wondering if your insurance company will reimburse theft losses. 

When it comes to security, being proactive is easier on your budget and your peace of mind. 

Don’t Depend on the Police to Catch Your Intruders

No matter where you live, the police have a lot on their plate. Even with the advancements in modern technology, most burglaries go unsolved.  

Delaware has the highest rate of catching thieves in the nation – at only 24%. Check your state’s percentage here.  

Property crime isn’t just a danger to the public, it’s big business – especially when it comes to stealing things like catalytic converters and electronics. Of the 8,879,728 criminal offenses committed in 2021, more than 60% were property crimes, and only 28.9% of stolen property is ever recovered according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  

If you knew you had a target on your back, what would you do?  

As a commercial business, your site is likely loaded with expensive equipment, inventory, building materials, and more. That means there’s a target on your property, luring thieves who are looking to make a profitable haul.  

CargoNet reports that cargo theft costs US businesses more than $57,906,276 in 2021, with truck stops and warehouses/distribution centers being the most targeted locations.  

True Protection is Proactive  

Don’t suffer a devastating loss from property theft. Use a layered security approach and prevent thieves from accessing your inventory and equipment 

To Have Effective Perimeter Security, AMAROK Recommends a Layered Approach:  

electric icon

Electric fencing – Sure, a fence can stop a criminal who isn’t highly motivated, but if you’re storing high-value items like construction equipment, electronics, building materials, or vehicles, you need an electric fence like our Electric Guard Dog™ fence. The Electric Guard Dog delivers a medically safe but memorable 7,000-volt shock that stops even the most motivated criminals in their tracks.  

Alarms – Alarms put potential perpetrators on notice that the local law enforcement has been alerted, so they go running before they have time to help themselves to your profits.

Video surveillance – A video monitoring system like AMAROK’s FORTIFEYE works as both a psychological deterrent to would-be thieves and satisfies law enforcement’s requirement for dual verification. Plus, video monitoring increases the chance that criminals are caught.  

Lighting – Three out of four commercial burglaries happen on properties without adequate lighting. When thieves know they have a higher likelihood of being seen, identified, and apprehended, they’ll head elsewhere for their criminal activity.  

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