Electric Fencing vs Chain-Link Fences: Advantages & Disadvantages

Your bottom line is crucial. So when it comes to property security, many companies depend on chain-link fences because they’re affordable. But they can fall recklessly short in reliability, appearance, and efficiency.

At AMAROK, we provide world-class and cost-effective electric fencing and perimeter security solutions to commercial yards. Major commercial and industrial brands from coast to coast depend on our electric fencing and perimeter security systems for a high-quality line of defense.

Here are three disadvantages of chain-link fences in comparison to electric fencing:

1. Chain-Link Fences Provide Unreliable Security

Is chain-link fencing your primary deterrent against external theft? According to FEMA, fencing may be a useful psychological obstacle, but there’s no guarantee it will stop “motivated aggressors.” Securing your property with a chain-link fence can put your property at risk of theft and vandalism.

The main pitfall of chain-link fencing is its ability to be traversed. Anyone can cut the wire with bolt cutters or pliers, jump over the fence or climb it using the footholds in the weave of the chain. (Some police departments even require applicants to climb a chain-link fence during the physical ability test.)

When a chain-link fence fails to deter a trespasser, it’s up to additional security measures – like security guards, video cameras, or alarm systems – to detect and delay the breach. Also, without other security measures, you risk your highly visible property behind the chain-link fence becoming especially tempting to thieves.

AMAROK provides three integrated layers of security that you need to deter, detect, and delay theft. The first is a 10-foot (or higher) electric fencing solution that we install inside your existing perimeter. It’s intimidating and effective at stopping crime before it happens. Unlike chain-link fences, the advanced design of our electric security fencing is sleek, modern and has an embedded theft deterrent.

Our electric fencing delivers 7,000 volts of pulsed electricity to anyone who dares to make contact. The shock from the electric fencing is safe but hurts, so that no thief will touch it more than once. The third layer of security is a blaring alarm and an alert to our monitoring center if someone attempts to scale or touch the fence. With AMAROK, there’s no need to rely on other security measures. Our multi-layer, comprehensive electric fencing package protects the security of your valuable data, assets, and resources. Ninety-eight percent of our customers report experiencing zero external theft.

2. Chain-Link Fences Have an Unpleasant Appearance

What does the appearance of your chain-link fence tell passersby about your business and security? Chain-link fences can be unattractive because they’re prone to visible damage. Over time, curling, rust, and dents can leave your property looking unkempt. In some cases, the fences also appear unsafe. For example, when topped with barbed wire, chain-link fences may mislead passersby by making your property look hazardous.

The electric security fencing provided by AMAROK is virtually invisible from the roadway, thanks to a minimalist design. Our electric security fencing is safe, too, meeting international safety standards. It uses pulsed electricity as a harmless, hidden theft deterrent. When touched, the electric fencing produces a startling effect, much like the static charge from your lawn mower’s spark plug. The fencing also features prominent, multilingual yellow signs that clearly warn would-be thieves of the shock.

Chain-link fences can also look outdated. The design has stayed relatively the same since American manufacturers first mass-produced chain-link in the late 19th century. When an antiquated fence is your first visible layer of protection, passersby may perceive your security to be outdated. Such a basic framework also makes these fences a popular choice for pedestrian and temporary applications. Think sports fields, parking lots, and festivals. The property at your commercial site requires a higher level of security.

Our electric fencing options are sophisticated and provide a long-term solution for commercial properties such as auto yardsmetal recycling organizationstruck yardsauto dismantlers, and more. Our world-class electric security fence system appears and functions as the modern product it is.

It embraces advanced technology and integration, making it the most reliable choice for protecting highly valuable commercial assets. More than 4,000 customers have confidently phased out obsolete security measures, like chain-link fences, to adopt our cost-effective, reliable, and comprehensive electric fencing and perimeter security system.

3. Energy Inefficiency

Since chain-link fences are unreliable as a standalone security measure, companies often enhance them with an intrusion defense system. These typically run on electricity. By installing an additional security measure that is electric, you are effectively erasing the energy savings that come with a chain-link fence. Plus, when the power goes out, added intrusion defense systems stop working. That immediately puts your property security at risk.

When you invest in electric fencing from AMAROK, we help your company achieve a significant milestone in its green strategies. Our electric security fencing is solar-powered, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Our comprehensive system works all day, every day to secure your site with renewable resources.

The Electric Guard Dog™ electric fencing by AMAROK is powered by batteries that are integrated with solar panels. The electric security fencing and perimeter security system is sustainable, limitless, and immune to power outages. In addition, the security solutions by AMAROK generate no greenhouse gases and do not impact your electric bills. The Electric Guard Dog™ fence protects the environment and your perimeter at the same time!

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