Installations — Part I:  What to Expect

Okay, so you decided to stop crime before it happens. What happens next? What can you expect during the installation of your Electric Guard Dog electric security fence? Let’s start with answers to questions customers often ask us.


1. Once I become a customer, what should I do to prepare for the installation?

First, your perimeter must contain a structurally sound “outer” fence and gate. To comply with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) regulation, there has to be a barrier between our fence and the outside.

Second, you will need to prepare your site. We will give you an herbicide to spray along the fence line to clear any vegetation there. This is a very important step for proper functioning of the fence and one that you should do periodically to keep vegetation from growing back.

You will also need to move all outdoor assets five to ten feet off the fence line to give us enough space to move in our equipment and get to work. However, you can move material back closer to the fence line after installation. 

2. What does a typical installation include?

Every Electric Guard Dog system installed is customized to the location, according to property lines, terrain and building positions on sites ranging from 500 square feet to 400 acres.

A typical Installation includes:

      • A 10-foot-high (or higher) Electric Guard Dog fence, installed just inside your existing perimeter fence or another barrier

      • Solar panels and batteries. In an emergency situation, the design of this self-contained system ensures the fence will arm and stay armed for approximately three to seven days. 

      • Audible and silent alarms that trigger when intruders try to compromise the fence

      • Monitoring of the perimeter security system

      • Multilingual signs stating: “WARNING! Alarmed Electric Fence 7,000 Volts”

    3. How long does installation take?

    Traditionally, there’s a four- to six-week lead time involved with installing the Electric Guard Dog system, as prior to installation, you will need to clear debris and growth in the five feet surrounding the existing fence line. Turnaround for installation itself depends on the size of your property, but the standard installation usually takes one to two weeks.

    4. Once the fence is installed, what are my responsibilities?

    Your responsibility will be modest grounds upkeep along the Electric Guard Dog fence, which includes mowing and keeping the vegetation down — use our free herbicide as often as needed. Keep material off the fence line, too. That’s it. We maintain the fence from there.

    5. What about repairs? What happens if, for instance, someone backs into the fence?

    We include full maintenance as part of your monthly service fee and will repair damages to the Electric Guard Dog fence, regardless of the cause.

    6. What additional products or features does EGD offer to support the system?

    We offer a growing number of integration options to meet customer demands. Gate access integration enables the fence to stay active (secure) when the gate opens and closes. We also offer 45-degree lay-down fences to prevent intruders from digging, wall fences to prevent climbing, cameras, internal intrusion control, remote access and more.

    7. What value do I get for my money with EGD?

    There are no upfront costs. You simply pay a monthly fee for security services. We take care of the maintenance and take on the liability. This sets us apart from the competition. We also have a strong compliance team and the right resources to make things happen. Making sure customers are fully trained on how to use the fence system and troubleshoot is big, too. If you understand the system more, you will use it more — making AMAROK a better security partner for you.

    Being a better partner for our customers begins and ends with great people, who make sure our process is simple for you and your experience is outstanding with us. Stay tuned as we take a look at our dedicated installation team, next.

    I don’t want to be the softest target in my city — I’m ready for EGD and want my fence installed as soon as possible.