Installing The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence—What to Do, What to Know

More than 4,500 customers have made the commitment to stop crime before it occurs and every one of them experienced the installation of The Electric Guard Dog Fence. But before the first post was even put in the ground, our customers had confidence that the process would be cost-worthy, efficient, and effective—not to mention confidence in their perimeter security to come. That’s because our installation crews have quite an archive of knowledge and wisdom to share with new customers as well as prospective ones. And they’re great at answering customers’ questions.

Let’s review the answers to the most commonly asked questions that customers ask us about the installation of The Electric Guard Dog Fence:

1. What do I need to do before the installation crew arrives?

Most importantly, the perimeter must have a structurally sound outer fence and gate, commonly made of chain-link. The Electric Guard Dog Fence is then installed just inside the chain-link perimeter fence. This is necessary to comply with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) regulations, and it also adds an extra layer of deterrence. If your property does not have an existing perimeter fence, AMAROK can install one as well.

Secondly, you’ll need to ensure that the entire perimeter is clear of vegetation, overgrowth, and overhanging tree limbs. AMAROK offers a professional Vegetation Control service that takes care of this step for you to remove overgrowth in a three-foot area where The Electric Guard Dog Fence will stand. It can also assume all responsibility for regular and ongoing maintenance of overgrowth.

Finally, you’ll need to move all outdoor assets five to ten feet from the fence line which gives us enough space to work and to move in our equipment. However, you are free to move your material closer to the fence line after installation. Keep in mind that objects should not lean against or contact The Electric Guard Dog Fence whether it is off or on.amarok_installation_blog_what_to_know

2. Who will install The Electric Guard Dog Fence?

We have the installation process down to a science. Our in-house project managers handle all logistics, scheduling, and inventory while directing the installation crew on site. Our nationwide network of installers and licensed contractors are professional, particular, and polite! Many of them have worked with AMAROK for decades and they are successful at making the installation process for customers non-invasive, leaving the site in better condition than when they found it. The installation process from signing the contract to turning on the fence typically takes around four to six weeks once compliance is approved in your local jurisdiction. It’s also important to know that each installation is treated as a custom-designed project because every property is unique.

3. What does a typical installation include?


There are five essential elements included in every installation of The Electric Guard Dog Fence:

  • A 10-foot-high (or higher) electric fence that looms just inside an existing perimeter fence or other barriers. Fence heights may vary by some local jurisdictions.
  • Solar panels and batteries that deliver power to the fence. In the event of a power outage, the design of this self-contained system will remain armed for three to up to five days. 
  • Audible and silent alarms that trigger when intruders attempt to breach the fence.
  • Cameras that monitor the entire perimeter and the perimeter security system.
  • Multilingual signs that state: “WARNING Alarmed Electric Fence—7,000 Volts!”

4. What are my responsibilities once the electric fence is installed?

They include arming and disarming the fence, keeping it free of debris and other material, modest and consistent upkeep, including mowing and managing overgrowth. (And we offer a Vegetation Control service to do that for you). Other than that, we’ll maintain the function and integrity of The Electric Guard Dog Fence from there.

5. What about repairs? What happens if, for example, someone backs into the fence?

AMAROK offers full maintenance as part of your monthly service fee. We will repair all damage to The Electric Guard Dog Fence, regardless of the cause.

6. Are there additional products and features that AMAROK offers to support the system?

Absolutely. AMAROK also offers other enhancements that can further deter criminals from committing vandalism and theft, depending on your specific application. They include:

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    • Total Connect App, where you can arm and disarm The Electric Guard Dog Fence from your mobile device.
    • Gate Auto Arming automatically arms the gate when it closes without the need to enter a code.
    • Day Mode pulses 1,000 volts through the fence during business hours. After business hours, voltage increases back to 7,000 volts.
    • Angled Fencing installs the top two feet of The Electric Guard Dog Fence at a 45-degree, inward angle.
    • Laydown Fencing is an angled extension of the lower portion of the fence that eliminates access from digging.
    • Video Surveillance provides 24/7/365 monitoring services.

These enhancements can be applied in any combination to provide customers with ultimate perimeter security.

And then there’s FORTIFEYE™ — the world‘s first integration of electric security fencing, video surveillance, and video monitoring to create the ultimate crime prevention solution for your commercial business or industrial site. These multiple layers of security help to Deter, Detect and Detain would-be criminals. 


7. What about the value of my investment in The Electric Guard Dog Fence?

First, you pay no upfront costs. Zero. How’s that for value? You simply pay a monthly fee. AMAROK takes care of the system’s overall operation, performance, and maintenance. We also take on all liability and name our customers as additionally insured.

No other perimeter security system can do all of that. We also have a strong compliance team and the right resources to make things happen. Making sure customers are fully trained on how to use the fence system and troubleshoot is huge. If you understand the system more, you will use it more—making AMAROK a better security partner.

AMAROK v. Other Security Options:

AMAROK_Security_vs_the_Competition_ChartBeing a better partner for our customers begins and ends with great people, who make sure our process is simple for you and your experience is outstanding with us!

Don’t be a soft target for criminals. Contact us for a free threat assessment and to get started on your custom perimeter security solution today.