Protecting Your Productivity: 5 Steps to Preventing Down Time Caused by Crime

When your warehouse, construction site or manufacturing business experiences theft, you lose more than the value of what was stolen.

 Cargo theft in the U.S. cost businesses nearly $60 million in 2021, but that can pale in comparison to the drop in productivity caused by operational downtime. 

Downtime in manufacturing can cost as much as $260,000 per hour

 How theft impacts productivity 

 When your business experiences a break-in, it suffers a number of associated losses you may not have considered including: 

  • Filing a police report, talking with investigators, and the ongoing process of recovering your stolen items with no guarantee you will see them ever again
  • Dealing with your insurance agency to (again, hopefully) get them to cover the cost of stolen items if they are not recovered, plus any associated damage to your site such as busted windows, broken door locks, cut fences, damaged gates, etc. 
  • Working with your IT security team if any sensitive information was compromised during the breach. 
  • Unplanned downtime when your facility may need to be shut down or roped off so that law enforcement can gather evidence.

46% of businesses that experience unplanned downtime cannot deliver goods and services on time


Protect your productivity by preventing break-ins 

Even if your stolen property is recovered or insurance covers your losses, the loss of productivity, efficiency, reputation and morale your company will experience is not recoverable. The best way to recoup those losses is to prevent a break-in in the first place with a proactive layered security approach. 

 A layered commercial security approach should consist of these 5 things: 

  1. Fencing – A security fence will stop many crimes of opportunity, but it won’t keep out seasoned and determined criminals, especially if your site stores high-value equipment like catalytic converters or expensive machinery. If you’re serious about stopping criminals before disrupting your productivity, consider installing an electric fence like our Electric Guard Dog Fence, which has 7,000 volts of crime-stopping power.
  2. Lot lighting – Adding security lighting can reduce crime on your property by as much as 36% by taking away criminals’ most valuable asset – the ability to get in and out unseen. 
  3. Security cameras – Not only does video surveillance fulfill the police department’s requirement for dual verification, but it also acts as a psychological deterrent that makes your facility a less appealing target to criminals. 
  4. Alarm system – Alarms that sound when your perimeter is breached are the fastest way to address a break-in, sending criminals scattering and alerting your security personnel and local police before a theft can happen. 
  5. Internal security procedures – $30 billion every year is lost to employee theft. Run background checks on every person you hire, and make sure keys to your facilities, warehouses and equipment are locked up and accounted for – and cannot be duplicated.  

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The Ultimate Perimeter Solution
AMAROK™ is the ultimate perimeter security solution because it deters thieves, so there is no need to deal with the aftermath of a crime. AMAROK deters criminals in three ways; a shock deterrent, a physical deterrent, and an alarm deterrent. Installing the Electric Guard Dog system is an effective way to prevent cargo theft at your business.

AMAROK™ is a  full-perimeter security company  based in Columbia, South Carolina, that provides commercial security services throughout the United States and Canada. Specializing in electric fencing and perimeter security systems for commercial properties, AMAROK also provides supplemental surveillance solutions, including cameras, lights, and alarms. Together, these business security services form the ultimate crime prevention solution for any business. 

Even though professional monitoring speeds up police response time, criminals may still be able to breach your perimeter and enter your property. That’s why AMAROK developed FORTIFEYE™ – the world‘s first integrated electric security fence, video surveillance, and video monitoring solution to create the ultimate crime prevention solution for your commercial business or industrial site.

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