A bunch of broken bottles on a concrete surface

Extreme Stories: Businesses’ Fight Against 2023 Property Crime

Welcome to the ever-changing realm of security, where businesses are constantly striving to protect their assets and secure their premises. As we enter a new year, the challenges posed by property crime have spurred organizations to explore unconventional security measures. In this dynamic environment, marked by innovation and resilience, our team at AMAROK has witnessed businesses going to extraordinary lengths to safeguard their most valuable assets.

The year 2023 has brought forth a variety of inventive and extreme measures adopted by companies across industries. Each story tells its own narrative of determination and creativity, reflecting a collective commitment to fortify businesses against unforeseen threats.

Join us as we delve into the exceptional stories and strategies that have emerged at the forefront of perimeter security.

A Bright Idea for Catalytic Converter Protection

Facing the growing threat of catalytic converter theft, this savvy business took bold action. Picture their fleet with converters spray-painted in reflective orange, boldly proclaiming ownership. The deliberate use of this eye-catching color served as a dual-purpose strategy: a deterrent for potential thieves and a distinctive marker aiding law enforcement in recovery efforts.

Thorny Property Defenses

In the quest for security, one client’s innovative approach stands out. They turned the idea of perimeter security on its head by creating a natural fortress with a field of strategically placed cacti along their fence line. This unique choice serves as a brilliant deterrent, making the property a challenging target. Criminals faced with navigating through the spiky obstacles are likely to think twice, opting for an easier target elsewhere.

Fragments of Security

Demonstrating resourceful deterrence, a potential client took extensive measures to fortify their perimeter. They attached smashed glass bottles to the top of their cement wall, turning a potential entry point into an intimidating obstacle with sharp and jagged edges. This unique approach serves as a vivid example of the inventive solutions businesses are embracing to protect their spaces from unauthorized access.

Cinematic Inspiration for Property Protection

In a cinematic twist on property protection, a client took security into their own hands by deploying a modern-day version of the classic bank heist deterrent. The ingenious solution involved strategically placed “landmines” that, when triggered, unleashed a burst of paint onto any would-be intruder. This unconventional approach not only added an element of surprise but also provided a visual mark, turning the tables on criminals while creating a memorable defense strategy.

The Invisible Shuffle – Time-Consuming Ritual of Asset Hiding

While not a unique story, we regularly hear stories of businesses that dedicate an hour or more to a seemingly unproductive routine—moving valuable assets indoors. As businesses ignore space constraints and increased fire hazards, we question the effectiveness of an approach that, while well-intentioned, may still leave assets at risk without a secure perimeter.

Water-Filled Deception

One customer, facing the persistent challenge of gas theft from their site, devised a unique strategy to outsmart criminals. Instead of passively waiting for the next theft, they strategically placed gas containers filled with water—a deceptive move that caught wrongdoers off guard.

Retreat from Risk

A client revealed a harsh truth—they decided to completely abandon a property site they owned due to persistent security concerns, resulting in a loss of profitability from that site. This choice to halt operations highlights the significant disruption and frustration caused by theft, emphasizing the immediate necessity for comprehensive security solutions.

Sleepless Vigilance: Balancing Business Dedication and Personal Sacrifice

In a compelling story of sacrifice and security, a client shared the extraordinary measures they took to protect their business—committing to sleep on-site every night, thereby jeopardizing their personal safety for the sake of their business. The emotional toll of sacrificing precious moments at home with their family highlights the profound dedication businesses invest in safeguarding their assets.

The stories we’ve explored showcase the relentless determination of businesses to tackle property crime. We applaud these inventive approaches and acknowledge the resilience and dedication of these businesses.  

However, delving into unconventional strategies, such as thorny defense and inventive measures, also reveals a crucial truth—without a comprehensive perimeter security solution, businesses are never entirely shielded. The fight against property crime causes a shift from conventional thinking, demanding a mindset where creativity meets practicality, and unique solutions are embraced to safeguard assets.

Securing your business doesn’t need to be complicated. Find your local AMAROK representative to discuss securing your business with a solution proven to eliminate 99% of external theft after installation.