Top Five Worst Cities for Cargo Theft | AMAROK

Businesses may be getting a slight break this summer from the threat of cargo theft. Or so it seems, compared to incidents reported this time last year. But, be warned. The risk for commercial burglary remains high across the U.S. [1] and the growing number of bad guys in organized rings are making their rounds — is your organization at risk of cargo theft?

Top Five Worst Cities for Cargo Theft | AMAROK

These cities are explicit hot spots for cargo theft, with good reason.

#1 Los Angeles

There’s evil in the City of Angels as thieves strike in this perennial number one hot spot for cargo theft. Massive amounts of cargo — ranging from auto parts and scrap metal to plastics — flow through the port of Los Angeles. The average loss value from commercial burglaries in the Greater L.A. area was recently 32% higher than the national average. [2] Due to the prominence of cargo theft in the area, truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in America — especially here.

#2 Atlanta

Did you know? This major Southeast transportation hub is not only one of the most dangerous places for unsecured cargo, it’s also dangerous for truckers due to its steep, curvy roads. [3] Talk about vigilance — truckers traveling through Atlanta must carefully watch their backs to prevent cargo theft.

#3 Chicago

Gun violence is directly linked

Guns are utilized by thieves in the Windy City to carry out moderate to large cargo theft in areas such as non-secure rail yards. Add to this a rise in alcohol crimes, and you’ve got a dangerous mix that is threatening businesses and fueling violence on Chicago streets. [4]  

#4 Miami

Miami has a bad problem with cargo theft. Goods are not only stolen here, they are brought here to resale and export. The commercial burglary and cargo theft market in Miami is booming and the special catch of the day is seafood. In fact, last year 22% of all cargo theft involved food and beverage, according to CargoNet.

Seafood, in particular, is an easy target to fence, hard to trace and, due to its perishable nature, poses a real threat to businesses. [5]

#5 NYC to Philadelphia

New York City to Philadelphia is another dangerous cargo theft hub. This is no surprise considering nearby New Jersey, home to the third largest port in North America and a recent $1 million cargo theft bust involving 11 men, a tractor-trailer and warehouse complex. Police identified four different off-loading commercial burglary locations with stolen cargo ranging from granite to groceries. Thankfully, they bagged the bad guys, but there’s more suspected where they came from. [6] 

If you operate trucking, shipping, warehouse or DC facilities in one of these cities, it’s not all bad news. Awareness among businesses and law enforcement and advances in technology are helping thwart cargo theft and commercial burglaries. Especially for those companies that implement an integrated, layered security plan.

As a security provider, we collaborate with your staff to implement a custom integrated security system on your property to prevent cargo theft. In fact, 98% of our customers have not dealt with commercial burglaries since installing our electric security fences and alarm systems. 

Considering 92% of cargo theft in the U.S. occurs at unsecured or unattended locations — perimeter security measures are a smart business decision. [7] . Find your local representative to learn more about electric security gate cost variables. Contact us today.


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