Protect Your Business With Perimeter Security in New Jersey

Do you own an industrial or commercial business in New Jersey and are searching for perimeter security solutions? AMAROK is an industry leader in perimeter security in the U.S. We offer commercial security solutions in New Jersey to help protect your property, profits and people and stop 99% of external theft. 

At AMAROK, we are the smarter approach to perimeter security. We know every business is unique, and our experts work with you to customize your perimeter security solutions to meet your needs and preferences.

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Our Commercial Security Solutions

We offer different products to suit various businesses. You’ll work with our experts to customize the solutions according to your business’s requirements. Some security solutions we provide include:

The Electric Guard Dog Fence™

The Electric Guard Dog Fence stops theft before it occurs. With this electric fence, you’ll have multiple layers of security.

  • Physical barrier: This 10-foot-high electric fence is a physical obstacle against intrusion into your property. An electric fence is a sign to outsiders that you take security seriously, and it’s the most practical way to stop or delay break-ins.
  • Alarms and lights: A trespasser wants to avoid attracting attention to themselves. This fence has alarms and warning lights that go off when an intruder attempts to enter your property, bringing attention and scaring them away. 
  • Shocking deterrent: This barrier has a 7,000-volt charge to shock any intruder attempting to enter your property. The charge is medically safe but will give a trespasser a memorable reason not to enter your property. We also offer lower voltages to suit your preferences.

The Electric Guard Dog™ 30 Series High-Security Fence

The Electric Guard Dog Fence 30 Series can serve as part of your New Jersey commercial security system for extra security. It offers added features, including three times the number of fiberglass poles and twice the number of electric wires. The fence ensures intruders will be unable to expand the wires to gain access to your property. 

Moreover, the fiberglass poles add structural strength to your electric fence and enhance its durability. The 30 Series is a must-have if you are in a high-theft industry. 

Temporary Job Site Solutions

If you are working on a temporary job site with valuable inventory or have an influx of seasonal inventory to protect, you need perimeter security. AMAROK offers single-source security solutions for temporary sites in New Jersey. These include:

These options are ideal if you need a short-term perimeter security solution. Some of their applications include:

  • Construction sites: Portable electric fencing protects your valuable materials during construction and is flexible enough to move around as the work progresses. Our Gate Access Control and FORTIFEYE video surveillance add an extra layer of security for a comprehensive solution.
  • Manufacturing and distribution: If you are in the manufacturing or distribution industry and have extra inventory, you can get our temporary solutions to protect your goods. 
  • Equipment rental: If you rent equipment, you can set up this fencing and other security features to protect the equipment while not in use.
  • Special events: Portable electric fencing, access control and video surveillance are ideal perimeter solutions if you have an outdoor event. They safeguard your equipment and inventory during the event.

Electric Fence Enhancements

Sometimes, you need extra security. When you choose AMAROK, our experts will work with you to customize our services to your desires. We offer electric fence enhancements to boost your New Jersey electric fence installation, such as:

Why Choose AMAROK?

We are an award-winning perimeter security solutions provider. Our goal is to protect your property, people and profits from crime. There are many benefits to working with us, as many of our clients have attested. Some of those benefits are: 

  • Safety: Our electric fences are medically safe and comply with IEC, ASTM and OSHA guidelines. 
  • Legality: We offer a liability guarantee for all electric fence installations. We also carry insurance on your behalf and have a compliance and government relations team that knows all the jurisdiction laws and handles your permits. 
  • Budget-friendly solutions: We provide security-as-a-service to give you peace of mind. There are zero initial costs, and you only pay for a monthly subscription.
  • Security: Our solar-powered fences ensure security even during power outages, which is when most crimes occur. 
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Talk to Us About Installing an Electric Fence in New Jersey

AMAROK offers you commercial security in New Jersey. Contact us online to find a representative in your area or request a threat assessment of your property.