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Truck Part Theft Threatening Productivity and Profits in Trucking

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Freight demand is high, and continued growth is expected for the next few years, at least. That’s great news for the trucking industry. What’s not great news is how vulnerable semi-trucks are to theft, and we’re not just talking about what you’re hauling.

Cargo theft is of course a huge concern if you’re in the trucking business. You probably take great pains to ensure your cargo is secure—after all, delivering it safely and on time is how you make money. You probably also keep your trucks well-maintained and in good operating condition, so they can continue to make rounds and bring in money. But there’s another easily overlooked target of concern—a growing theft trend that can blow your profit margin to pieces.

Truck parts theft.

A site full of semi-trucks is a goldmine for thieves looking to cash in. A single truck can provide even semi-experienced criminals with several valuable parts that can quickly be removed, stripped for precious metals, and resold.

Sometimes they are even re-used by the criminals themselves, after altering or removing serial numbers to make it impossible to track. And if police are unable to prioritize the theft, businesses are left with no option but to replace parts. Which with supply chain issues can mean major delays (sometimes without going through insurance to avoid premium hikes). Criminals are resourceful, often bold, and quick to take advantage of an unsecured truck.

Right now sitting on your lot, your business’ trucks are at risk of being targeted for:

  • Catalytic converters: We wrote an article on this precious metal resource and how to prevent its theft here.
  • CPC modules: rare metals and microchips are both hard to replace
  • Cargo: this costs money and reputation points with your customers
  • Batteries: quick to grab, easy to sell
  • Radios and stereo/communication system: always a target
  • Tires and fuel: read more here about these easy-to-resell commodities
  • Trucks themselves: catastrophic losses for truck companies


Theft Straining Trucks and Productivity & Profits

Repurchasing parts hurts, but there’s a bigger picture to consider. If just one of your trucks falls victim to any of these parts going missing, it could be out of commission for days.

That impacts not only that truck’s productivity, but now your operations team has to re-focus time and energy to investigate the incident, report it both internally and to the police, and problem-solve to fix the truck and get cargo moving again.

You have a truck driver ready to work, but can’t, which doesn’t help with employee retention. And now you have a product ready to be transported, just sitting still, and throwing off your delivery timelines.

Your productivity has come to a screeching halt. What about your profitability?

Now you’re looking at the unexpected cost of replacing parts, repairing smashed windows and dashboards, or reprogramming computers.

Your delayed delivery timelines are now incurring fines. And your lack of preventative measures is damaging your reputation with your customers and employees.

Truck part theft makes an immediate and long-term impression on your profits. Check out more advice on how to protect productivity and mitigate risks.

Truck Part Theft

Security Tactics to Protect Commercial Truck Parts

Putting in place a solid preventative security plan that aims to stop crime from happening in the first place is the best way to prevent such losses and the headaches that come with them. Keep the crime out and your productivity and profitability concerns will go away.

Start from the outside and work your way in—your perimeter fence is your first line of defense against stopping crime, after all. And nothing stops crime like an electric fence.

AMAROK is a full perimeter security company specializing in electric fencing and perimeter security systems for commercial properties, including supplemental surveillance solutions, cameras, lights, and alarms. AMAROK offers the only solution that combines comprehensive Property Security as a Service with highly trained, supportive professionals to maintain the perimeter fence and monitor their systems’ alarms and cameras. It’s the total package–the Ultimate Perimeter Security Solution that stops theft before it happens.

Even with the proper security system and service in place, there’s still more to do.

  • Train employees on theft prevention. A few repetitions and safety protocols will become good habits.
  • Lock up what you can. Remove keys and lock up trucks (cabs and trailers), gates, and doors and windows to buildings.
  • Keep your lots well-lit whether your business is opened or closed.
  • Install tracking systems & anti-theft devices on trucks.

Being proactive in putting the right theft-prevention measures in place now will save you from major direct and indirect losses. Truck part theft is a real nightmare for businesses like yours. But you can prevent that nightmare from becoming a reality.

Take the first step and identify your site’s vulnerabilities with AMAROK’s FREE THEFT ASSESSMENT. Security experts will help you identify the weak spots in your current security, discuss the right measures to take, and recommend the equipment needed to meet your site’s specific issues. 


AMAROK™ is a full-perimeter security company based in Columbia, South Carolina, that provides commercial security services throughout the United States and Canada. Specializing in electric fencing and perimeter security systems for commercial properties, AMAROK also provides supplemental surveillance solutions, including cameras, lights, and alarms. Together, these business security services form the ultimate crime prevention solution for any business. 

The Ultimate Perimeter Solution

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AMAROK is the ultimate perimeter security solution because it deters thieves, so there is no need to deal with the aftermath of a crime. AMAROK deters criminals in three ways; a shock deterrent, a physical deterrent, and an alarm deterrent. Installing The Electric Guard Dog Fence™ system is an effective way to prevent theft or vandalism at your business.


Even though professional monitoring speeds up police response time, criminals may still be able to breach your perimeter and enter your property. That’s why AMAROK developed FORTIFEYE. FORTIFEYE is the world’s first integration of electric security fencing, video surveillance, and video monitoring solutions to create the ultimate crime prevention solution for your commercial business or industrial site.