BrightView Landscape VP&GM Leverages Security Partnership to Uphold Brand’s Dedication to Relationships & Results

Corporate Security Manager Streamlines Security Protocol Saving $1 Million





  • Protect equipment and
    vehicles on property
  • Prevent downtime
  • Maintain customer
    relationships through

    on-time service
$166K Annual Savings Per BrightView Site
Challenge: Commercial Landscape Businesses are a Prime Target for Theft
For a BrightView location to offer clients such a comprehensive list of services – they must keep a considerable amount of high-value equipment on site. Most of the equipment – while large, is designed to be pushed or wheeled. Even the smaller pieces are easy to carry. Which, unfortunately means the landscaping business is a prime target for theft. Serial numbers are easy to scratch off making them impossible to track back and there’s always a buyer looking for top-quality tools. .
BrightView Worker Driving a Truck
Challenge: Downtime Is a Commercial Landscaper’s Worst Nightmare

In the landscaping business, even a few hours of downtime could be enough to set a whole week of scheduled service off. Lost time almost always equates to lost revenue and potentially even damage to customer relationships and reputation.

If the equipment used in regular day-to-day service is stolen – it could be days if not weeks before you’re operating at full capacity again. Plus – depending on the situation the cost to replace or repair could leave a significant dent in your profitability for the year.

While some factors leading to downtime like staffing or weather may be out of your control, downtime due to stolen or damaged equipment is within your control with proper security.

Solution: Eliminate Crime, Prevent Downtime, and Deliver Results

When Kevin Kenney became Vice President and General Manager, he became responsible for ensuring his market built and maintained customer relationships through consistent and quality service. He knew to do so, he had to protect his high value, crime targeted people and property.

A BrightView site within his market had been using an electric perimeter fence as a solution to their occasional theft challenges. After hearing of its effectiveness– Kevin knew this solution could be the key to his market’s continued growth and success.

After forming a partnership with AMAROK and installing the Electric Guard Dog Fence at several locations, property crime became a concern of the past for Kevin and he was able to focus on other areas of operational improvement.  

BrightView Case Study

Results: Vice President & General Manager Finds Value in Security Partnership Securing Over 5 Locations

Today, Kevin Kenney consults regularly with the AMAROK team on the security needs of the locations he oversees. When developing a new location, The Electric Guard Dog Fence is standard. Sentinels, cameras, lighting, and monitoring are then added depending on the level of security and specific needs of the location. For Kenney, security and the indirect costs of theft are not a concern for the sites he manages thanks to his relationship with AMAROK.
Downtime Cost Savings Per Site
$ 0 K
Average Assets No Longer At Risk
$ 0 K
Locations Protected By AMAROK
0 +

While this case study details one BrightView Vice President and General Manager’s story, AMAROK protects BrightView locations all over the country – partnering with other VP and GM’s to ensure operational efficiency and market growth.

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