Far West Recycling Maintains a Safe Workplace with Effective Security


Far West Recycling



  • Limit liability from intruders becoming injured on site.
  • Maintain a safe work environment for employees.
  • Protect expensive and extensive property to ensure continued operation.
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Recycling Operation Employs Security Service to Prevent Theft and Injury as Homeless Populations Reach New Heights

Far West Recycling (FWR) has been processing various recyclable materials for Northeast Portland Oregon since 1993. They process up to 250 tons/day of paper, plastic, glass, electronics, and metals for the community.

On a mission to “Keep Portland Beautiful,” FWR prides itself on always doing the right thing. Whether it involves the community, their employees, or the environment – they have adopted business processes that ensure the safety and well-being of all.

While business has boomed ­for FWR over the last 40 years, the area around their Oregon sites has seen better days. To maintain operations and keep their 40-50 employees safe, the Operations Manager of the Northeast Portland, OR location, Steven Peery strongly advocated for an investment in security solutions that would be effective in keeping unauthorized individuals off their property.


Challenge: Looming Threat of Arson and Injury Claims for Business Whose Mission Was Founded on Safety

For years, chain link fence and barbed wire were enough to keep Far West Recycling’s Northeast Portland lot secure. But through the pandemic, as homelessness and property crime in Oregon grew and police response times slowed, new solutions were necessary.

Arson was Steven’s biggest crime concern.

100+ tons of combustible fiber was at risk for intentional or accidental combustion

The risk this created for his employees, community, and the business’s profitability made a strong enough case for the investment.

Injury liability was another top concern. Recycling is one of the top 5 most dangerous businesses. Even with the proper training, the risk of accidental injury is high. So, when individuals from neighboring homeless camps started cutting through the fence and pushing through gates, that risk grew even greater. FWR knew their business couldn’t afford a liability claim if someone were to get hurt on their site, especially if they could have prevented it.

And finally, there was the ever-present concern of theft and property damage. A scale of operation as large as FWR’s is not possible without large, expensive, and complex pieces of equipment. If a machine or vehicle were tampered with and made inoperable, it would cost the operation days in productivity and thousands in repair costs.

Solution: Electric Fencing Fills Void Left by Security Camera Security Protocol

As Steven and his team began exploring enhanced security solutions, they went the camera route. Unaware of other security solutions, they installed a new camera system on site. They quickly came to realize that their new cameras would do little to deter theft. They only recorded the crime and even with the footage, they could not find the perpetrator.

Steven became aware of electric fencing, more specifically The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence, through a neighboring business. The site had experienced similar challenges and had seen remarkable success in deterring criminals from their property with the fencing solution.

With his AMAROK security consultant, Steven put together a cost analysis that considered the cost (both direct and indirect) of repeated incidents, the looming injury claims, and the toll it took on him and other employees. After review, his management team agreed – it would be an effective and cost-saving solution.

Far West Recycling Building

Results: Assets Protected and People Protected = Priceless

When asked today, Steven shared that his partnership with AMAROK and installation of The Electric Guard Dog Fence was 100% worth the investment. He sleeps better at night knowing how effective the solution has been for others and trusting that it will do the same for his property.

To his knowledge, the system has deterred two attempted break-ins – he’s got the footage to prove it.

As for his team, both on-site employees and truck drivers who often work after-hours, feel safer with the system. Plus, total productive hours have improved now that the team doesn’t have to be too concerned with how they leave the site at night.

For the FWR business, a tenant recently signed a 10-year lease agreement for a building they have on their property (secured by AMAROK). FWR knows their effective security system is what helped make that relationship possible.