Perimeter Security for Oregon

Oregon’s quiet rural communities and vibrant cities are ideal places for many businesses to call home. Quaint small towns and large industrial complexes come with a risk, however. They can also be the perfect areas for thieves to target. AMAROK can help you protect your Oregon property against that threat regardless of location.

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Why Commercial Security in Oregon Is Crucial

After trending downward for several years, theft is once again rising in Oregon. The state reported 2,023 incidents per 100,000 residents in 2022. Property crime also climbed, with 14,978 burglaries reported that year. Of the 133,402 events reported in 2022, over 20% occurred at commercial properties like parking facilities and government-owned properties.

Coupled with the issue of rising theft is the challenge of timely and effective law enforcement response to threats. Oregon’s rural areas frequently have smaller forces and more scattered populations that can leave nearby commercial properties vulnerable. A similar situation exists for industrial areas with less nighttime traffic when potential intruders know there are fewer observers.

Theft losses can amount to millions for businesses and their customers when an incident occurs. Companies may also suffer damage to their reputation, which can affect future revenue potential. Both underscore the need for robust security.

Benefits of Installing an Electric Fence

An electric fence adequately supports businesses in deterring theft and delaying property access — two crucial security components. It’s always on duty, filling gaps left by measures like human guards, who need breaks, holidays and shift changes.

AMAROK offers medically safe and legal electric fencing in several protection levels. Our flagship product, The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence, is the core of our perimeter security solution. This solution encircles your grounds with a 10-foot-high physical barrier that acts as a deterrent. Should an intruder try to breach, the fence delivers a 7,000-volt shock to persuade them to change their minds. Entry attempts also trigger alarms and lights to further drive off a would-be criminal.

We offer security-as-a-service through a convenient monthly subscription. That means all AMAROK solutions — including their maintenance and repair — come at no upfront costs to your business. You’ll pay a single, straightforward monthly fee for ultimate security!

Electric Fence Enhancements for End-to-End Protection

AMAROK provides customizable, multilayer security options for your Oregon electric fence. Our additional products and services include:

Electric Fence With Sign

Our Specialized Industry Knowledge

At AMAROK, we know that specific challenges differ based on the industry your business serves. Our expertise spans numerous sectors with an in-depth understanding of their issues. 

We proudly help safeguard manufacturing and distribution centers against external theft of raw materials and finished products alike. AMAROK’s solutions provide four times the return on investment for companies with large vehicle fleets and high catalytic converter theft. They do the same for trucking firms to prevent the stealing of common powertrain controllers.

Our solutions also effectively protect challenging sites where traffic and equipment frequently change, like construction sites and self-storage facilities.

Our History Serving Clients on the West Coast

We’ve helped other companies in Oregon and beyond gain peace of mind by preventing 99% of external theft. Explore our testimonials to hear from professionals like you about how AMAROK delivers value:

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Nationwide Security Solutions With Localized Service

Your Oregon electric fence installation starts with our proven process for success. 

We start with an on-site property tour to learn about your security risks and challenges. We’ll collaborate to customize a solution for meeting those issues head-on. You’ll work with an assigned project manager throughout while our in-house compliance and legal team handles all the permitting.

We visit again to ensure site preparation before scheduling shipment and training you on the system. Our professionals install the fence after the materials arrive. You’ll then transition to our Customer Care team post-installation for ongoing service and support.

Connect With Your Dedicated AMAROK Security Expert

AMAROK has a nationwide network of security representatives with the expertise to tackle and solve demanding security challenges. We work with you on tailored approaches and support your success with our local regulatory knowledge. Take the next step to higher property protection by contacting your Oregon expert today.