Effective Security Keeps Plumbing Business Operating & People Employed After $30K in Pandemic Property Crime


Fast Response Plumbing



  • Protect high-value plumbing equipment and vehicles
  • Prevent repeat theft
  • Retain long-time, valued employees

$30,000 in Theft Losses Put Additional Strain on Fast Response Plumbing Post COVID-19, Threatening Operations and Employment

Fast Response Plumbing has provided plumbing services to businesses and residents of Columbia and the surrounding areas of South Carolina for over 13 years. Whether it’s a simple repair or a complete water and sewer replacement – Fast Response prides itself on its special attention to detail and quality customer service.

Throughout the years, customers have come to trust the Fast Response Team for their reliability and timeliness. Upholding this standard of service and retaining long-time employees was the highest priority for Fast Response – but as any business owner can attest to, it doesn’t always come easy.

Like many businesses, Fast Response was doing all it could to hang on to customers, staff, and profitability during the COVID-19 pandemic when a theft incident made things even harder. It’s an unfortunate reality that when times get tough – crime rates go up and businesses take the brunt. Fast Response needed a security solution that would prevent criminals from taking advantage of them in the future.

Challenge: High-Value Equipment, Little to No Security

First, it was a catalytic converter stolen from a van or two. For Fast Response – it was a slight inconvenience and a small replacement cost but for the criminals who targeted them, it was a sign of security weakness.

71% of commercial property owners experience repeat theft

The second incident resulted in damage to the owner’s truck and the tools inside of it, including their drain cleaning machine – an essential piece of equipment for most services. Altogether, replacement costs totaled $30,000.

While the direct costs were significant, this number doesn’t include the lost profits from appointment cancellations, lost customers forced to use a competitor’s service offerings, and damaged reputation for reliability.

As most do – Fast Response had security cameras on site to monitor their equipment during off hours. They assumed the cameras would be enough to deter criminals from their property – and if a criminal did risk it, they’d be caught. After these incidents – they realized these cameras did almost nothing to prevent crime and weren’t super helpful in finding the criminals or their stolen property either.

Only 30% of stolen property is recovered

Solution: Detective-Recommended Electric Fencing Provides Hope for Recovering Business

In addition to needing to maintain their loyal customers, Fast Response employed a team of dedicated and skilled individuals they wanted to retain. To do so, they needed to maintain a steady stream of work and protect the tools necessary to perform the service.

It was their detective investigating Fast Response’s property crime that first mentioned electric fencing as an effective security solution. He had seen it work for other local businesses that experienced repeat theft. This prompted a Google search and landed the Fast Response team on AMAROK’s website. After analyzing the solution for themselves on YouTube, Fast Response connected with their local AMAROK representative to discuss what the solution could do for them.

After a conversation or two, Fast Response was confident The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence would keep criminals off their property and their business doors open.

Results: Business Continues to Operate - Vans & Tools Untouched, But Welcome Mat Gone.

Since its installment, The Electric Guard Dog Fence has successfully protected Fast Response’ vans and tools. Their doormat, well that’s another story. As strange as it may sound, Fast Response credits its security service with keeping its business’ doors open, employees employed and customers happy. Another theft incident could have ended a 13-year-strong business. Here’s to 13 more – protected by AMAROK.  

Protects Fast Response Plumbing