Large School Bus Service Provider’s Corporate Security Manager Streamlines Security Protocol Saving $1 Million

Security Saves Bus Operations and Corporate Security Budget


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  • Protect bus operation and sanitation
  • Maintain reputation for reliable and safe student transportation
  • Save on security services
  • Streamline security protocol site-wide
Student Transportation Parking Lot
Challenge: Bus Part Theft Threatening Operations

As with any fleet, our customer’s bus lots were a target for catalytic converters and other part theft. With access to buses, criminals were able to quickly extract parts for resale – leaving the buses completely inoperable. As you can imagine, it was quite costly to replace these parts and repair the vehicles. In addition, as a high-profile student transportation company, they had a reputation for reliable transportation to uphold and without working buses, this was difficult to do.

For the sites with security cameras, there was visual evidence of the incidents occurring and the individuals responsible. However, as the current Corporate Security Manager, a police officer, knew local authorities couldn’t recover the stolen parts or detain the criminal based on the footage. That is if they could even prioritize the report among more serious incidents.

Challenge: Bus Squatters Hinder Sanitation and Safety

For our customer’s sites, it was becoming common for homeless and transient individuals to take shelter in school buses. In some situations, trash, drug needles, paraphernalia, and other undesirables were left behind for drivers to find in the morning. Some sites hired security guard services, but the squatters were still able to fly under the radar in large bus lots during off hours.  

Challenge: Significant Security Spending with Lack of Results

At Corporate, the Security Manager faced another challenge. Each site had a different approach to security – none of which was that effective at preventing these incidents – but were still a significant expense for the company. He knew there was an opportunity to streamline the company’s security policies, protocols, and procedures to not only save his company money – but to increase revenue.


Solution: Protect Fleets with Effective Perimeter Security

Previously, site managers were responsible for sourcing their security solutions. As many commercial businesses do – they installed chain link fences, hired security guard services, and installed cameras – the typical security measures. Incidents would still occur. One site though, installed a perimeter security system that effectively stopped unwanted individuals from entering the property entirely. It was the Electric Guard Dog fence – AMAROK’s ultimate perimeter security solution that was able to deter unwelcome individuals from entering the property and threatening the integrity of the fleet. After hearing about the success of the solution, the CSM visited the site. In a matter of weeks, the AMAROK partnership began. Through the partnership, we have been able to help other high-risk bus sites attain the Electric Guard Dog or FORTIFEYE system.

Results: Over $1 Million Saved in Security Service and Theft


The business case is hard to argue. Each bus parking site was spending $5,000-$10,000 a month on security guard services, or if they installed cameras, a $50K+ initial investment just to have to upgrade a short time later. Even with those measures, crimes were still occurring. On top of the security expense, the company was having to repair buses or worse, losing business altogether.

With AMAROK, individual sites have no initial up-front cost – just a manageable monthly service fee to keep the fence operating and maintained. Many of our customers find AMAROK’s fee to be significantly less than what they previously spent on security.

When it comes to developing new businesses and maintaining existing ones, this student transportation company confidently advocates for their ability to provide unmatched transportation. Through its investment in perimeter security – the students are truly put first.   

Average Annual Guard Savings Per Site*
$ 0 K
Average Assets No Longer At Risk*
$ 0 K

*AMAROK business case data for Vehicle Fleets in 2022

Corporate Security Cost Savings
0 M+

National Student Transportation Provider

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