Sukut Equipment, Parts, and Rental Triples Security ROI and Ends Costly Repeat Theft

No Property Crime Incidents Since Installation In 14th Most Dangerous United States City


Sukut Equipment Parts & Rental



  • Protect large equipment on property.
  • Stop repeated theft
  • Maintain a reputation for reliable inventory
  • Prevent downtime
  • Prevent unverified security alarms
Sukut Equipment Parts & Rentals

Problem: Chain-Link and Security Cameras do Little to Prevent Reoccurring Part and Equipment Theft

In 2020, Sukut Equipment Rentals began experiencing regular occurrences of battery and catalytic converter theft. While the parts alone totaled upwards of $6,000, the incidents often cost them much more in time, profitability, and peace of mind.

At the time, San Bernadino was ranked the 14th most dangerous city in the nation and homeless populations had grown 23% in the span of a single year. Businesses like Sukut Equipment Parts, and Rentals whose equipment was large, always in sight, and for the most part unprotected, became targets for property crime. Sukut was especially vulnerable with an edge of their property neighboring a homeless encampment.

Sukut had a basic perimeter chain link fence and a security camera monitoring system, but experienced:

  • Cameras did little to deter criminals from entering the property and committing a crime
  • Incidents increasing in frequency, becoming more brazen, and occurring randomly (weekdays, weekends, daytime, and nighttime)
  • A high volume of unverified alarms due to high winds in San Bernadino meant the team was always “on call” and eventually desensitized to alerts
  • Repeated theft. While camera footage did eventually lead to an arrest – criminals in the area were working in organized crime rings and an arrest would not prevent future criminal activity

The Sukut team knew they had to take their security measures up a level.

Solution: Perimeter Security with 3.5x ROI, No Installation Hassel, and No Liability

Sukut’s first attempt to strengthen its perimeter involved adding height and the possibility of razor wire to their perimeter chain-link fence. As they know now, most criminals don’t access properties by scaling fences, they cut through them. Therefore, height and razor wire were not effective solutions and could increase the company’s liability.

A trusted mechanic referred Colby, Operations and Inventory Manager for Sukut, to electric perimeter fencing. Many of the vendors he worked with in the area had an electric fence set up so he was familiar. He inquired with the AMAROK representative he met years before at a Crime Prevention Program (CPP) of Southern California event to learn more about their commercial electric fencing solutions.


The Results: Zero Property Crime Incidents Since Installation

Since the installation of the Electric Guard Dog™ Fence in 2020, Sukut has experienced zero attempted break-ins. Colby and the Sukut team have peace of mind that their operations and inventory are no longer at risk for property crime. Most importantly, Sukut can focus on productive, profit-driving tasks rather than catching criminals and repairing damages. Ultimately, being preventative instead of reactive.

Due to their positive experience with AMAROK’s products and service in recent years and to further cut down on unverified alarms, Sukut recently integrated AMAROK’s security camera solution with their Electric Guard Dog Fence. Colby sleeps better at night knowing if he is alerted, there is a creditable – human-verified threat to the business.

While Colby hopes to see growing property crime trends stabilize over the next few years, he knows they will likely never decline, nor disappear entirely. Therefore, the only way to prevent an impact on his business and customers is to continue deterring criminal access.

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