Perimeter Security for California

California has a range of commercial and industrial facilities that need perimeter protection. Do you operate critical infrastructure, like a port on the Pacific coast? Maybe you own an equipment rental lot with valuable machinery. No matter your property, an electric security fence can keep it safe. AMAROK offers commercial fencing to protect your business and its property.

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California’s Security Needs

As the most populated state in the nation, California has many businesses that need security. Commercial robbery rates increased 16.9% from 2021 to 2022, and the total value of stolen property in 2022 was over $4 billion.

Rural areas in California face security challenges like smaller police forces and a slower response time. Businesses in these areas may also be busy during the work day then experience little traffic to deter theft at night. However, even companies that operate in Los Angeles, San Francisco or other busy areas use security to deter intruders.

Why Install an Electric Fence?

The Electric Guard Dog™ fence and AMAROK’s other perimeter security solutions provide an effective deterrent against intrusion and theft. They are more cost-effective than your current solutions like cameras or guards, saving you thousands on security. When you work with us, you won’t have any upfront costs, just a manageable monthly service expense. Our California electric fence installations also provide the following benefits:

  • They run on solar power, making them environmentally friendly and able to run during a power outage.
  • You can get alerts for breaches or damage to the perimeter, so you know when intrusions occur.
  • The electric fence provides additional security beyond what a regular chain link fence offers.
  • Those who breach the fence receive physical consequences, which makes them think twice about intruding.
  • Bright warning signs and electric wires create a visual deterrent.
  • Our team provides ongoing maintenance and upgrades to keep your system current.

Additional Security Features to Consider

For added security, you can choose from various additional solutions AMAROK offers, including:

  • Cameras: Use video to watch for risks around your property and reduce crime. 
  • Sentinels: Blinding lights, loud noise and a flashing red and blue light bar can scare intruders away.
  • Monitoring: View security footage from your computer or mobile device so you can react sooner.

Enhance your fencing with the Electric Guard Dog 30 Series fence, which comes with additional features like fiberglass poles and 10 additional monitored electric fence wires. 

Electric Fence With Sign

The Range of Industries We Serve

Whatever outdoor area you need protected in California, our team has the experience to provide a solution. We work with various industries throughout the state, including:

  • Trucking companies
  • Building supply lots
  • Equipment rentals
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Vehicle fleets
  • Auto rentals
  • Warehouses and distribution
  • Airport parking areas
  • Data centers

Our Satisfied Customers in California and Beyond

Customers across a range of industries appreciate the protection our products offer and praise the exceptional customer service they received. Our video testimonials demonstrate these satisfied customers:

*Data collected from AMAROK business cases.

Providing Security Solutions Throughout the United States

At AMAROK, we follow a comprehensive process to ensure a high level of security for all of our customers across the United States. Our services begin with a no-cost site survey. Our technicians and security experts assess your site’s unique security needs. After this, we assign a dedicated dedicated Compliance Manager to deal with tasks like compliance and permitting. We work with local and state jurisdictions in the state of California to ensure compliance.

Once your site is cleared for building, your project manager will schedule installation and ship materials to your yard. During this stage, we’ll train you to operate the system. After installation, we stick with you. Our Customer Care team provides ongoing support throughout your ownership.

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Talk to Us About an Electric Fence in California

AMAROK will help you protect your commercial or industrial property in California. Find a representative in your area by reaching out online. We’ll work with state-specific guidelines and security requirements to create an effective perimeter security solution.