Perimeter Security for Tennessee

If you own a lot containing expensive storage units or a company with valuable machinery, securing your property is vital to protect your assets and prevent theft. Dozens of factories and properties in Tennessee need perimeter protection.

Whether you’re the head of security or are a business owner and are looking to upgrade your security, AMAROK has the solutions you need. We provide electric fencing and other security solutions for your commercial property, deterring 99% of external theft. 

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Commercial Security Needs in Tennessee

As a highly populated state, Tennessee is not without crime, and commercial properties are especially at risk. As a result, protecting your business assets should be your main priority. Property crime increased by 15.7% in 2023 from 2022, making taking steps to safeguard your property more important than ever. In addition, rural areas in Tennessee have slower response times from local authorities, so businesses are left to provide their own security which can put business owners and their employees in dangerous circumstances.

Why Install an Electric Fence?

Installing an electric fence enables you to deter criminals and prevent them from accessing your property. AMAROK offers various cost-effective solutions to help you protect your assets, such as our powerful Electric Guard Dog™ Fence.

The Electric Guard Dog Fence eliminates the need for security guards and easily outdated cameras, enabling you to save money. We don’t require you to pay any fees upfront — a manageable monthly subscription fee is due once the installation is complete. 

You will receive many benefits with our Tennessee electric fence installation, including:

Other Security Features

Fortify your commercial property in Tennessee with additional security solutions. AMAROK features several security options to help mitigate theft and damage. We’ve designed our other security features with supplemental deterrence in mind:

Cameras: Cover blind areas on your property and get a complete view of your electric guard fence with the latest video surveillance solution.

Sentinels: Bring attention to intruders with Sentinels that flood your property with bright LED lights and blaring sirens once your security alarm is set off. 

Building Intrusion Detection: Protect the inside of your building and sensitive equipment with our intrusion detection systems, which arm your doors and equipment with motion detectors and door contacts.

Electric Fence With Sign

Industries Served

Whether you need outdoor perimeter protection, indoor equipment protection, or both, we at AMAROK have the solution for you. Our highly experienced Tennessee team is equipped to cater to your security needs and work with a variety of industries, including:

Hear From Our Clients in Tennessee

We integrate our security systems with various businesses across a range of industries. Our clients are grateful for the solutions we provide, saying that they feel more secure thanks to our systems. These client testimonials reiterate the benefits of partnering with AMAROK:

*Data collected from AMAROK business cases.

Providing Security Solutions Throughout the United States

With a robust national presence and a comprehensive installation process, AMAROK provides complete security solutions in Tennessee and the U.S. The process starts with our security experts, who will conduct a site survey on your commercial property. During this process, we assess your unique security challenges and needs. 

We then assign you a project manager (PM), who is your primary point of contact. Your PM collaborates with our compliance department to take care of any permits needed for installation. Once compliance is complete, we start installing your system. Our team will teach you how to work your new security system and provide ongoing customer support. 

Partner With Us for Your Electric Fence Installation in Tennessee

AMAROK is your trusted partner in securing your industrial or commercial property in Tennessee. We work with guidelines specific to your state to ensure compliance before installation. Our team of experts will develop a security perimeter solution tailored to you. You can get in touch with us online to find your local representative.