MHC Ford u2013 Memphis, TN

MHC Ford Memphis is a Ford Commercial Truck & Van Dealership in Memphis, TN and a proud part of Murphy-Hoffman Company. We specialize in commercial vehicles, upfit options, and heavy-duty trucks that cater to a variety of commercial & fleet needs. We are also the only dealer in the Mid-South having capabilities to repair recreation vehicles. Our dealership is located in a high crime area, where the Total Crime Index is over 500% of the national average. Without adequate perimeter security, itu2019s not a question of IF you experience theft, but WHEN.

Truck parts such as catalytic converters, batteries, wheels, tires, and electronics are hot ticket items for thieves. Often criminals do more damage removing these assets from the trucks than they are worth due to the carelessness of their craft. We often experienced theft of customeru2019s tools and felt it was our responsibility to replace them. MHC Ford of Memphis decided to invest in a security measure that is designed to keep criminals from even attempting to access our site.

The Electric Guard Dogu2122 Security Fence u2013 powered by AMAROK gave us that, a physical deterrent that keeps intruders off the property in the first place. There is no upfront construction cost to build the electric fence and it is 100% solar powered. We had the electric fence installed in 2019 and since then our customers and us have been able to rest easy knowing that our valuable business assets are safe and secure onsite 24/7.

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MHC Ford Memphis

Lorre James | Branch Manager MHC Ford – Memphis
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