3 Ways an Outdoor Perimeter Security System Provides Brand Protection

The Brand. The Brand. The Brand. Every company is worried about brand and its value. Why? As Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos says, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room”. In the absence of complete information, customers will gravitate to the brand they trust most. So why is brand protection so important?

  • You will capture additional dollars in competitive situations with a strong brand.
  • A damaging brand event can linger for years, if not decades.
  • A strong brand will get your name in opportunities where you aren’t even present.

Your business is built on reputation and trust and is more than just a logo. If your company is breached or becomes a story on the evening news, this could be catastrophic to your bottom line. Building a brand that your customers and employees can trust starts at the front of every department in your organization.

So, how do outdoor perimeter alarm systems play a role in your brand? Security departments build brand value because their job centers around reputation and trust. Whether you are a retailer or a scrap metal recycler, brand is important.

Here are three areas that the security department can address to enhance brand value:

1. Physical Presence

If you look good, then you feel good. When you feel good, you are at your best. Packaging of your assets cannot stop with your products. It extends to every single physical thing that can be associated with your brand. Make sure your perimeter security solutions portray the same message as your brand.

2. Reputation

This is where marketing and perimeter security should intersect. Marketing is the starting point for your company’s brand reputation. They set the tone for the principles that define your brand to the market. Once those principles are established, they become the entire organization’s responsibility. It only takes a single commercial burglary to ruin your brand image and reputation with your customers. To prevent negative media coverage, invest in an electrified fence and perimeter security system to prevent theft on your commercial property. A damaging event is just as important as a positive story in the media.

Are you the softest target in the area? Is your competitor seen as more secure than you? If so, that is a bad thing for your brand. You should be concerned if you don’t have a robust outdoor perimeter alarm system and security protocols. This directly affects the way your brand is perceived in the market. Your brand’s reputation could be at risk more than you realize. 

3. Loyalty

Customers stay with companies they trust. People value companies they can depend on over and over. Perimeter security professionals enhance and build this part of their company’s brand from the ground floor.

Don’t wait for the marketing department to tell you how to enhance your company’s brand. Building brand value is everyone’s responsibility. Talk to your security department about the importance of implementing an outdoor perimeter alarm system and electrified fences.

AMAROK™ is a perimeter security organization that offers reliable electric fencing and commercial security solutions to businesses and industrial properties. Our company is based in Columbia, South Carolina and offers surveillance solutions, including lights, cameras, and alarms. Our team will collaborate with your staff to prevent cargo theft and crime on your property.