large perimeter business

Bigger Properties Make Easier Targets: 3 Tips for Achieving the Best Security for Large Commercial Properties

Bigger Properties Make Easier Targets: 3 Tips for Achieving the Best Security for Large Commercial Properties

large perimeter business

With acres of land surrounding your manufacturing plant, truck lot, or lumber yard, your large business property can seem like its own country, with a moat of land to keep it safe from intruders. But the more massive a business property, the bigger the target for commercial theft.

You see, the sheer size of all that land and its perimeter create more potential points of entry, more hiding places for thieves to use as cover while entering your property, more places for your fence to be cut without being noted, and on top of that, it’s harder to monitor a large property. That’s why it’s of critical importance to invest in the best security for large commercial properties.

“Property crimes like theft, burglary and vehicle theft cost U.S. businesses $17.2 billion every year.” – FBI

Securing The Perimeter of Your Large Commercial Property Is Key

Your first line of defense against criminals that have set  a target on your large business property is perimeter security. Effective perimeter security measures help deter not only burglary but vandalism, trespassing and more – protecting your assets, employees and reputation. 

Larger properties ARE harder to secure than smaller ones, which is one reason many business owners procrastinate on putting adequate perimeter security solutions for large businesses in place — because they think the process will be either too difficult or too time consuming. While securing a large business property does have some unique nuances versus securing a small property, it can be done (and done easily) with the right commercial security partner.

Properly Securing Your Large Commercial Property Does More Than Protect Your Assets

Of course, preventing thieves from stealing valuable equipment and inventory is first on the list of why perimeter security is necessary. But keeping your valuables safe is only part of the story. When your large commercial property is properly secured, you also:

  • Protect your privacy – Unauthorized individuals looking to access your property aren’t always thieves who are after your equipment or cargo. They could be homeless people looking for a place to make camp (the back corners of large commercial lots are hot spots for this type of trespassing), competitors trying to sneak a peek at your proprietary manufacturing processes, or even violent criminals looking for victims. It’s always better to keep unauthorized people off your property just to be safe.
  • Reduce liability – Keeping unauthorized people off your property can reduce your risk of workplace accidents and incidents that could land your company on the business end of a lawsuit. Remember, if a person is assaulted on your property, even by someone that wasn’t supposed to be there, your business is liable, and those judgments can run into millions of dollars.
  • Preserve your good reputation – Reputation is everything. Crime at your large commercial property can lead to missed deadlines, stolen customer property, bodily harm to customers and employees, and more. In this economic climate, one bad review can undo years of hard work. In fact, 86% of customers will stop doing business with a company forever if they have one bad experience.

“It takes 40 positive reviews to undo the damage of a single negative review.” — Andrew Thomas, Inc. Magazine

  • Protect production — While the police and your commercial property insurance company do their investigations, and you’re waiting on replacement materials to arrive and broken equipment to be repaired … production will drop substantially. Preventing crime on your property means preserving the work that pays everyone’s paychecks, including yours.

Tips For Securing Your Large Commercial Property

It doesn’t have to be complicated to protect your business from thieves and other unauthorized persons, no matter how large your commercial property. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Security guards need support on a large property – On a large property, security guards need extra support because they can’t have eyes on everything at once. Combining an in-person security force with video surveillance and motion-activated breach alarms can help one security officer do the job of 12.
  2. Layered security is always best – Every layer of security adds an additional hurdle that makes it harder for criminals to access your property. Don’t stop at just a fence. Layer a regular fence with an electric fence, alarm system, gated entry, ample lighting, video surveillance, key-card entries, and security personnel. Remember, those complicated heists you see in the movies are just that – movies. In real life, most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Take away the opportunity, and criminals will go elsewhere.
  3. Go solar — Consider switching to a solar-powered perimeter security system. With solar, the power stays on even in inclement weather (yes, including snowstorms). Downed trees don’t knock out solar-powered security, so your property is safe 365 days a year.

Securing your large business property is easy with AMAROK

Your business, customers and employees deserve to be protected no matter how large your business property is. AMAROK can help. We’ve helped countless large businesses secure their properties – that has stopped 99% external theft after installation of our Electric Guard Dog FenceTM. But that’s not all we offer. Click here to learn more about all the different perimeter business solutions AMAROK offers.