Electric Guard Dog: The Leader in Layered Security

Layered security is a multi-pronged approach that is essential to protecting your assets, resources and data. So where do you start building your layered approach?

First, find out if there are any holes in your security plan.

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Second, you can invest in Electric Guard Dog (EGD), the largest nationwide provider of electric security fences. These fences offer the integrated layers you need. Major brands depend on EGD for a high-quality line of defense from coast to coast.

Here’s how it works: the electric fence is inside your existing fence, so no one touches it by accident. It’s labeled with warning signs, but if a thief has to learn the hard way, they will receive a “safe but memorable” shock. Meanwhile, it’s wired with monitored alarms that will sound if a thief tries to cut, spread, or climb the wires.

Electric Guard Dog Layered Security

When you select EGD as your security partner, you receive:

  • Secure barrier for your valuables and resources
  • Electrified physical deterrent
  • Solar-powered energy so it’s resistant to power outages
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Detection alarm
  • Peace of mind

Electric Guard Dog is the #1 Theft Deterrent Service™ for a reason: 97% of customers say they have “no external theft” after they install the system.

And it’s a money saver. Compared to traditional security guard costs, EGD is 90% less. It requires $0 construction cost for low upfront investment and proven security.

EGD takes the worry away. Here is why:

  • Custom Solution — EGD is customized to your unique property.
  • Imposing — The warning signs are visible to potential thieves or vandals.
  • Real Deterrence — It’s not just a fence. It’s a defense of your own. One that sends a safe but effective shock every 1.3 seconds if touched.
  • Innovative — The system uses solar power. This keeps costs low, even if someone cuts the main power to your property.
  • Relentlessly Protecting — This perimeter protection protects your whole facility, even the most hidden corners, all the time. No blind spots, bathroom breaks, no mistakes.

Best of all? You rent the Electric Guard Dog Security Fence, you don’t own it. That means EGD covers all liability, maintenance and tech help.

EGD has the ability to secure your property with its own defensive measures. Avoid theft of your data and resources. We are your one-stop shop for layered security with a proven track record. Cargo Theft Expert J.J. Coughlin has called EGD the “perfect solution” in security.

Take the next step in protecting your perimeter. Learn why EGD is the right layered security partner to relentlessly protect your business.

Find out if there are any holes in your security plan.