The Integrated Layered Security Difference

As you learned in our last blog post, security has changed over the years. By not adopting the newest and best technology, many companies have seriously struggled in dealing with thieves and property criminals at their sites. Often, the reason for this struggle is the lack of an integrated and layered approach to site security. After adopting our multipronged security system, we’ve seen company after company maximize their bottom line, boost employee morale, and achieve peace of mind.

The Electric Guard Dog system employs physical, shock, and alarm deterrents. Our fence is an intimidating ten-feet high, equipped with signs boldly promising that touching the fence will result in a highly unpleasant 7,000 volt shock. Any attempt to cut through or climb the fence will administer this shock (which is not medically dangerous), plus an alarm that scares off intruders and notifies our monitoring company.

AMAROK difference infographic resize

Property crime and theft are unpredictable: companies of all shapes and sizes can be hit hard at any hour of any day. This is why you need a system that never sleeps and is always at work protecting your business. Our solar-powered system is designed to withstand power outages – even the traumas of hurricanes couldn’t knock our systems offline! Take the first step to fully protecting your job site by requesting a free, in-depth security analysis from our expert team.