Perimeter Security for Florida

Commercial businesses and industrial facilities need perimeter security like electric fences, cameras and sentinels. These security measures can protect your buildings and property from external theft or vandalism. AMAROK is an experienced commercial security company that can keep your business safe around the clock. Our Florida-based office allows us to work with companies throughout the state, from Tampa to Miami and beyond.

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Security Needs in Florida

Companies in Florida need to consider security measures to protect their property. Commercial property is valuable and difficult to recover if stolen. The value of property stolen in Florida was over $1.25 billion in 2021, and only 36% of the stolen property value was recovered.

There are also other factors to consider. For example, your business may have a higher risk of theft after you’ve closed up for the night when no one is around. If your company is located in a rural area, the police force may be smaller and slower to respond.

Electric Fences for Perimeter Security

Prevent break-ins with an electric fence. AMAROK offers The Electric Guard Dog™ fence for perimeter security. This electric fence for Florida companies efficiently deters theft, preventing break-ins for 99% of our customers. You can get comprehensive perimeter protection with no upfront costs, just a monthly service expense to cover ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

When you install The Electric Guard Dog fence on your property, you’ll gain three layers of security in one fence, including:

  • Alarms and lights: When someone touches or tries to climb the fence, loud alarms and ultra-bright LED lights will turn on to draw attention to the scene and encourage the thief to flee.
  • Shock deterrent: The Electric Guard Dog fence emits 7,000 volts of electricity to deter external theft while being medically safe.
  • Physical barrier: This 10-foot tall physical barrier blocks off your property to make it more difficult to access.

Other Security Features for Commercial Security in Florida

With our electric fence options, you can choose from enhancements and add-ons to protect your property from theft. Add angled fencing, gate auto arming, remote arming, lay-down fencing and more.

In addition to an electric fence, AMAROK offers other trusted security solutions, including:

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Florida Industries That Benefit From Security

Every industry has unique security concerns. AMAROK has extensive experience with several industries throughout Florida and beyond. Whatever your security needs are, we have a solution for them. We have worked with these industries:

Our Satisfied Customers for Commercial Security

Many businesses in Florida use security solutions from AMAROK to protect their property and assets. Watch these video testimonials from our satisfied customers in Florida to learn about their experience working with us:

*Data collected from AMAROK business cases.

Providing Security Solutions Throughout the United States

When you choose AMAROK for commercial security in Florida, you can trust your business will get a high level of security and dedicated customer service. We follow a particular installation process to ensure our customers get the best experience:

  1. Site Survey: Our security experts and technicians will assess your site’s security needs with a free site survey.
  2. Compliance and Permits: We will assign a compliance manager to your project to ensure your security solutions comply with your local and state regulations and organize any necessary permits for installation.
  3. Installation: Your project manager will schedule installation and ship materials to your site. We’ll also clear your site to get ready for building.
  4. Training: AMAROK will train your employees to teach them how to operate your security system.
  5. Support: When installation and training are complete, you can reach out to our Customer Care team for ongoing support.
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Ask Us About Florida Electric Fence Installation

AMAROK will help you protect your Florida area commercial property. Our experts will help you find your ideal perimeter and asset security solution that meets your unique security requirements and complies with Florida guidelines. Find your local AMAROK representative to start your project.