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Illinois has many industries and commercial facilities that require perimeter protection. A crime occurs every 1 minute in Illinois, making, the need to protect your assets critical. If you operate a business in Illinois, you need perimeter security for your property, people and profits. AMAROK offers perimeter security to help you protect your investment and satisfy your company’s needs. Our experts help you customize the best perimeter security solution.

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Why You Need an Electric Fence

Perimeter security solutions offer a viable deterrence against theft and intrusion, protecting your people and assets. At AMAROK, we offer electric fence installation in Illinois to stop 99% of external theft — our fences provide multiple layers of protection. 

Our fence installation is also more cost-effective than other security solutions and saves you money. When you work with us, you will have zero upfront costs due to our security-as-a-service model. Our unique security model saves you time, preserves your revenue and gives you peace of mind.

Our Electric Fence Models for Businesses

With The Electric Guard Dog Fence™, you will have a physical barrier that communicates a clear warning to potential criminals and stops or delays break-in attempts. Our electric fences are a medically safe way to deter infiltration attempts on your property. 

Like The Electric Guard Dog Fence™, The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series High-Security Fence is 10 feet high and has a 7,000-volt charge that trespassers will live to remember. It has alarms and lights to hinder intrusions and features more wires and extra fiberglass poles to prevent intruders from spreading the wires.

Benefits of Our Electric Fences in Illinois

At AMAROK, we believe nothing stops crime like an electric fence. Electric fence installations provide many benefits, such as the following:

  • Our electric fences run on solar power, operating during power outages when most crimes occur. 
  • You’ll get alerts on your phone when there is a perimeter breach or damage to know when an intrusion happens.
  • Electric fences provide extra security beyond regular fences due to their physical consequences, making thieves reconsider intruding.
  • We offer ongoing upgrades and perform maintenance on the system to ensure you are always protected. 
Electric Fence With Sign

Our Other Commercial Security Services

In addition to electric fences, we offer these security solutions:

Effectively stop trespassers and increase your perimeter security with FORTIFEYE™, a combination of The Electric Guard Dog Fence and our commercial video surveillance system.

With video surveillance, you have an extra layer of protection for peace of mind. You can access the video footage from anywhere and capture intruders in action. You can also share the video footage with law enforcement to catch the criminals. 

Our security personnel understand how to strategically position the cameras to catch all angles and offer optimal vision. Monitor our video surveillance system yourself, or leave it to our experts. 

Sometimes, you need extra commercial security in addition to the fence. Our experts work with you to customize your solution to fit your business. We have many electric fence enhancements to boost your perimeter security, such as:

  • Angled fencing: We install the last two feet of The Electric Guard Dog Fence at a 45-degree inward angle to deter thieves from throwing goods over the fence. 

  • Gate auto arming: Our gate auto-arming system works with various gate types. The gate arms automatically after closing, meaning you don’t have to rely on your employees to remember to arm the gate. 

  • Remote arming: We are all human and forget sometimes. With remote arming, you can arm your system from anywhere, anytime. The fence is connected to an app that allows you to arm or disarm the system or check your perimeter status. 

  • Laydown fencing: We can add an angled extension at the bottom of the fence, preventing intruders from digging their way into your property. 

  • Vegetation control: AMAROK partners with reputable landscaping companies to clear vegetation during electric fence installation and reduce hiding places for intruders. 

Why Choose AMAROK for Your Perimeter Security Solutions?

At AMAROK, we provide perimeter security solutions all over the United States. We offer our clients a unique security-as-a-service model with no initial costs and a cost-effective monthly subscription. We are an award-winning security company with extensive experience in perimeter security in Illinois. Our government relations team understands all relevant compliance and regulations laws to keep you protected.

With AMAROK security, you save money by preventing theft, reducing the need for on-site security guards and getting a 4x return on your investment. 

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