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If you’re searching for commercial security solutions in Kentucky, AMAROK is an industry leader and award-winning perimeter security solutions company that can meet your needs. At AMAROK, we help you protect your people, property and profits and prevent 99% of external theft after installation. We stop theft before it happens with customized perimeter security solutions that satisfy customer preferences. 

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Our Commercial Perimeter Security Products

Perimeter security is important to keep your property safe, which is why we offer different solutions that fulfill your industry regulations and business needs. Check out our effective solutions below:

The Electric Guard Dog Fence creates a barrier between your property and the outside world. It deters criminals and protects your facility with three powerful layers. Physical barriers hinder access and indicate that you take your property’s security seriously. Electric fences are the most efficient way to delay or stop intrusion attempts.

The Electric Guard Dog Fence provides a shocking deterrent with a 7,000-volt medically safe charge. This charge will give an intruder a memorable physical reminder not to intrude on your property. At AMAROK, we take electric fence installation seriously by adding warning lights and alarms. The last thing an intruder wants is attention. The alarms and lights will surprise the intruder, attract attention and scare them away. 

The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series High-Security Fence has additional fiberglass poles to increase the structural strength and durability of the electric fence. It also has double the electric wires to prevent intruders from expanding the wires to access your property. If your business is a prime target for criminals, the 30 Series will enhance your commercial security.

When you require short-term perimeter security in Kentucky, commercial portable fencing is the best option to protect your equipment and property temporarily. It can serve many areas where you need temporary perimeter security or are waiting for installation of The Electric Guard Dog Fence. Portable electric fencing can be used for construction sites, manufacturing and distribution facilities, equipment rentals and special events. 

Some businesses need extra perimeter security. We customize our services to fit your requests with electric fence enhancements like: 

  • Angled fencing
  • Gate auto arming
  • Remote arming
  • Sentinels
  • Day mode 
  • Laydown fencing
  • Zone fence lighting and spot lighting

Our video surveillance systems combine with our electric fences to stop intruders from trying to access your property, recording any potential criminal activity. You can monitor the footage yourself or have our experts monitor it. With 24-hour coverage, you can share footage with law enforcement to catch thieves or potential criminals.

Why Use AMAROK Electric Fences?

At AMAROK, we offer a security-as-a-service model and have the best perimeter security in Kentucky. There are many benefits to using our electric fences and video surveillance cameras. Some of these include:

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AMAROK’s superior perimeter security in Kentucky has been proven to save our customers 5x ROI on their investment. Contact us online for a no-cost, no-obligation property security assessment.