Perimeter Security in Louisiana

At AMAROK, we offer perimeter security in Louisiana to protect your property, profits and people. We are an award-winning perimeter security solutions company providing multiple layers of commercial security that safeguard your productivity and reputation. Our solutions prevent 99% of external theft for our customers after installation.

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Our Services for Commercial Security in Louisiana

We are your source for Louisiana electric fence installation, offering customization to suit your business’s needs. Some of our popular electric fence products are:

The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series High-Security Fence

While The Electric Guard Dog Fence is an excellent choice for theft deterrence, the 30 Series takes perimeter security to the next level. Due to its additional security enhancements, the 30 Series is the ultimate solution for high-theft target businesses or high-risk areas. 

At AMAROK, we know nothing stops a crime like an electric fence. These products offer several security layers to protect your business:

Physical barrier: These 10-foot-high electric fences obstruct intruders who try to access your property, making them a highly effective way to stop and delay intrusion attempts. 

Shock deterrents: The Electric Guard Dog Fence and the 30 Series have a medically safe 7000-volt charge that we can customize as necessary to meet your preferences. 

Alarms and warning lights: These Louisiana electric fences alert you to perimeter breaches with alarms and warning lights that discourage would-be intruders from further attempts.

Extra fiberglass poles: The 30 Series has three times the number of micro fiberglass poles compared to the Electric Guard Dog Fence, resulting in added durability and structural strength.

Additional fence wires: The 30 Series features 10 additional monitored electric wires, and the fence’s high structural strength ensures intruders won’t expand the wires to access your property.

Commercial Portable Electric Fence in Louisiana

Perimeter security is essential even when working on temporary job sites with valuable merchandise. At AMAROK, we offer commercial portable electric fencing to protect your property before you install The Electric Guard Dog Fence or the 30 Series. This short-term electric fence is suitable for several types of businesses:

  • Manufacturing and distribution: If you are in the manufacturing and distribution industry and have extra inventory, you can use portable electric fencing to protect those items before distribution or utilization in manufacturing.

  • Construction sites: Construction sites require expensive equipment, so safeguard your fleet with this flexible electric fence and move it as needed when construction progresses.

  • Equipment rentals: If you are a rental distributor keeping equipment outside, secure it with portable electric fencing that you can adjust with your inventory.

  • Special events: Portable electric fencing can ensure the security of equipment and trailers during outdoor events.

Additional Security Solutions

We are your single source for commercial security in Louisiana, offering additional solutions to help you ensure ultimate protection:

Gate access control: Our gate access control system integrates with our comprehensive perimeter security solutions, from fences to alarm systems. The cutting-edge technology enables you to improve access management significantly. 

Perimeter detection system: Strategically deploy perimeter detection sensors around your fence and receive alerts of potential breaches in a timely manner.  

Sentinels: Our sentinel security alert system sends intruders running by immediately sounding a loud alarm and triggering powerful lights when they breach the perimeter. 

Building intrusion detection: Our building intrusion detection system safeguards your on-site structure from intruders. This solution allows you to limit entry to authorized personnel and secure restricted areas or weak points in your building. 

Benefits of Louisiana Electric Fence Installation

Combined with other security solutions, electric fence installation is an excellent deterrent against theft and intrusion. Our security-as-a-service model gives you perimeter security with zero initial costs. You only have to pay a manageable monthly subscription fee to enjoy commercial security in Louisiana. Our electric fences and other solutions offer several benefits: 

  • AMAROK’s electric fences are solar-powered, maintaining your perimeter’s security even during power outages.

  • Our electric fence installation allows you to receive real-time alerts on your phone in case of a perimeter breach or damage.

  • Electric fences have physical consequences for the intruder, deterring them from attempting a break-in and giving you more security than ordinary fences. 
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Why Choose AMAROK for Your Perimeter Security in Louisiana

AMAROK is the smarter approach to commercial security in Louisiana. Here are some reasons to choose our solutions

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