Perimeter Security for Nevada

AMAROK is a leading commercial security company serving businesses in Nevada. If your business operates critical infrastructure or stores valuable assets, we have a solution to keep it safe.

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Why Businesses in Nevada Need Security

Companies in Nevada need physical security to protect their facility and assets. Though many business owners don’t expect thieves to rob them, crime can happen anytime. Perimeter security, cameras, intrusion detection and other solutions prevent criminals from trespassing and deter them from entering your property.

Electric Fences for Commercial Security in Nevada

Prevent external theft and trespassing on your property with The Electric Guard Dog™ electric fence. It’s proven to be one of the most effective electric fences on the market. 99% of our customers who install The Electric Guard Dog fence report that it has successfully prevented theft.

With this electric fence for Nevada businesses, you’ll gain a perimeter security solution that is:

  • Cost-effective: By installing an electric fence, you can decrease other business expenses to improve your bottom line. Since your property is less likely to have theft, you can avoid the financial loss and property damage associated with it.
  • Safe: Though our perimeter fence has an electrical current, it is medically safe and complies with guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Low-maintenance: AMAROK offers security as a service, so our technicians will take care of maintenance and service updates.

Our Security Enhancements for Nevada Businesses

AMAROK offers several security add-ons to enhance your Nevada electric fence installation. These enhancements include:

  • Security bollards: Bollards — or steel posts — protect your fencing, equipment and building from damage by a car.
  • Sentinels: Sentinels are stand-alone alarm systems that flood the area with LED lights and sirens if they detect an intruder.
  • Angled fencing: The angled fence adds 2 feet of 45-degree inward-facing angled fencing to The Electric Guard Dog fence. This addition prevents thieves from tossing things over the fence.
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Industries We Serve in Nevada

Our Satisfied Customers Throughout the Southwest

AMAROK has many satisfied customers across our target industries. Watch our client testimonial videos to hear first-hand accounts of how companies improved their physical security with our solutions.

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Providing Security Solutions Throughout the United States

Throughout the entire installation process, AMAROK is dedicated to ensuring you get the most effective security solutions and dedicated customer service. Our team will:

  • Survey your site to assess your security needs.
  • Secure the required permits for installation.
  • Schedule the installation for your product and deliver the tools to your site.
  • Ensure your electric fence installation meets regulations set by your local municipality and the state of Nevada.
  • Train your team to operate your security system.
  • Provide ongoing support for your security tools.
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Find a Representative for Your Security Solutions Today

AMAROK will help your Nevada business protect your property and assets. Our electric fences, sentinels, cameras and more address your unique security needs. Find your local representative by contacting us online.