Perimeter Security in New England

The New England states offer an enticing mix of wilderness, rural communities and larger cities. Businesses are located in all of them and can make appealing targets for criminals. Opportunities for thieves abound, from sparsely populated areas to deserted industrial complexes at night. Regardless of its size, no police force can watch over your commercial property around the clock. AMAROK can.

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The Need for Commercial Security in New England

Your company has worked hard to build its reputation and earn its customers’ loyalty. A theft on your property can substantially impact both, reinforcing the need for protection.

For example, 2022 data from Massachusetts shows just over 10,000 burglary reports, over 7,000 motor vehicle thefts and over 30,000 criminal damage claims. Over 4,000 of those burglary victims were nonresidence locations. A similar story plays out in Vermont, where the property crime rate increased by 10.6% between 2021 and 2022. In 2022, there were over 1,000 cases of burglary and nearly 9,500 cases of theft.

Why Install an Electric Fence?

Installing electric fencing in New England is the smarter approach to perimeter security. Our customized solutions effectively deter and help prevent crime better than conventional methods like security guards. We tailor our electric fencing systems to your property’s specific risks and needs.

The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence is our most popular choice for robust protection with:

  • Imposing structure: We greet potential thieves with a 10-foot-high physical barrier that visually reminds them you’ve taken security measures.
  • Unwanted attention: If criminals attempt to breach the fence, sirens and ultra-bright LED lights capture attention and encourage them to flee.
  • Shock deterrent: The fence introduces a medically safe and legal 7,000-volt jolt to intruders who contact it.

AMAROK offers security as a service, which means there is no upfront investment required from you. We customize, install, maintain and repair your system for one fixed monthly subscription fee.

Other Security Features for Multilayer Protection

The Electric Guard Dog Fence prevents 99% of external theft and integrates with our other options for multilayer protection. 

Go confidently wherever your business takes you with FORTIFEYE™, adding cameras and 24/7 professional monitoring in addition to the Electric Guard Dog Fence. Our Sentinels are perfect for creating another security layer in more vulnerable or remote areas. There is no hiding or escaping in silence for would-be thieves with the bright lights and blaring sirens provided by our Sentinels. For property structure protection, consider our building intrusion detection that alerts you to unauthorized access.

We can also tailor your protection with various other enhancements, like angled fencing and remote arming.

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Industries Served

Every business and its property and assets differ. Fortunately, we’re familiar with the unique challenges in many sectors. AMAROK proudly serves businesses in numerous industries with expertise extending to:

We’re also experienced in protecting critical infrastructure, like port facilities that New England’s exporters depend on for economic health.

Client Testimonials in New England and Beyond

East Coast businesses have entrusted their perimeter security to AMAROK and achieved measurable results, as our video testimonials show. For example, we helped Old Dominion in Edison, New Jersey, transition from human guards to our solutions. As a result, they saved thousands of dollars annually while gaining peace of mind. Other companies nationwide have enjoyed similar outcomes by improving their security with AMAROK.

*Data collected from AMAROK business cases.

Providing Security Solutions Nationwide

AMAROK relies on a proven approach to ensure seamless installations and exceptional service. As part of our services, we:

  • Visit your site to assess its needs and risks.
  • Develop a perimeter security strategy based on those risks and needs.
  • Dedicate a project manager as your single point of contact.
  • Handle permitting through our in-house compliance and legal team.
  • Revisit your property to review site preparation.
  • Schedule your installation and provide system training.
  • Ship the fencing materials and install the fence.

Post-installation, you’ll work with our Customer Care experts. This team delivers ongoing support and personalized service for your system’s lifespan.

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Contact Your Local Perimeter Security Expert

AMAROK is more than an electric fence company in New England. We’re strategic business partners for the ultimate perimeter security, and our team is ready to help you get it. Our local experts know the jurisdictional requirements and how to navigate them successfully. Talk to your nearby AMAROK representative online to get started.