Secure Your Business With Perimeter Security in New Mexico

Are you looking to secure your business property in New Mexico? AMAROK offers commercial security in New Mexico through our security-as-a-service model to help you protect your property, profits and people. At AMAROK, we understand every business has unique needs, and our team of experts works with you to custom-make the best security solution for your company. We specialize in electric fence installation to provide multiple layers of protection for your business. 

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Perimeter Security Solutions We Offer

At AMAROK, we prioritize turnkey solutions to prevent theft of or damage to your essential business assets. Our perimeter security solutions offer an effective obstruction against intrusion and theft. Some of our products include:

The Electric Guard Dog Fence

The Electric Guard Dog Fence is designed to stop theft before it occurs. This electric fence has three layers of security to deter criminals from entering your property and safeguard your investment:

Physical barriers: This 10-foot-high electric fence provides a barrier against easy trespassing on your property, protecting your facility. In addition to its functional purpose, the presence of a physical barrier indicates that you take your business security seriously. Physical barriers are the most practical way to stop or delay an intrusion attempt.

Shocking deterrent: The Electric Guard Dog Fence has a medically safe 7,000-volt charge that gives any trespassers 7,000 reasons to stay away from your property. We can also customize the volt charge to your needs and preferences. 

Alarms and warning lights: Intruders don’t want to attract attention to themselves. Our electric fences have alarms and warning lights that deter intruders when they attempt to breach your perimeter. 

The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series High-Security Fence

The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series High-Security Fence is for businesses that need an extra layer of security. The 30 Series has the same features as The Electric Guard Dog Fence with 10 electric fence wires and two more fiberglass poles to increase obstacles and reduce the probability of trespassers and theft. The wires ensure intruders can’t expand them to gain access. 

The fiberglass also adds durability and structural strength to enhance perimeter security. This security solution is a must-have if you are in an industry where your assets are a prime target for theft, like the tire manufacturing and distribution sector. 

Electric Fence Enhancements and Advanced Security Features

Every business and industry is different and has varying perimeter security needs. At AMAROK, you’ll work with an expert to customize the optimum perimeter security solution for your business. We have a wide selection of electric fence enhancements to boost your commercial security. Some of our electric fence enhancements are:

Why Choose Our Services?

AMAROK is an industry-leading perimeter security solutions supplier serving the United States. We have worked with many businesses in diverse industries to prevent costly theft and other damages. Here are some benefits of working with us.

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