Perimeter Security for New York

Many businesses in New York benefit from perimeter security solutions. An equipment rental company in Albany might use electric fencing to protect its valuable merchandise from theft, while a port facility along the Atlantic Ocean may also use perimeter fencing to secure its imports and exports.

AMAROK provides the ideal security solution for those seeking to protect their commercial or industrial property. Our electric fences with alarms and add-on solutions keep your valuable assets safe.

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The Importance of Business Security in New York

Property crime rates in the state of New York have averaged almost 300,000 annually over the past several years. Larceny makes up a large part of this crime. Motor vehicle theft is a prevalent concern, with a 54.3% growth rate in the past several years. While individuals can experience robbery and vehicle theft, businesses are frequent targets as thieves know they likely hold valuable items and leave those products unattended overnight. 

Almost half of all property crimes in New York occur in New York City, primarily due to the area’s dense population. Rural areas are equally at risk. They face several disadvantages — like smaller populations to observe crimes, allowing thieves to get away undetected more often.

Why an Electric Fence Is a Wise Investment

At AMAROK, we offer several electric fences in New York for perimeter security. As our core product, The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence provides robust protection to safeguard your business. Here are a few reasons to choose this comprehensive perimeter solution:

  • Cost-effective: We provide electric fences at no upfront cost and use a security-as-as-service model, giving you predictable costs. 
  • Safe: The fence delivers medically safe 7,000-volt shocks to warn off intruders who try to breach your property.
  • Secure: A 10-foot fence is a visible and physical deterrent against thieves entering your property.
  • Reliable: Solar power keeps the fence running constantly, even when you experience power outages.
  • Multi-layered: Beyond the fence and electric charge, the system has alarms and lights to surprise and scare off intruders.

Other security solutions like guards and dogs have limits. They can’t cover the whole property at once and are often expensive. Even security cameras do little to stop crime — they only record it and they also become obsolete quickly. An electric fence provides cost-effective, full-perimeter security that prevents theft.

Enhance Your Commercial Security in New York

Another benefit our system offers is adaptability. Add-ons allow customization to meet your city or area’s unique security concerns. Here are a few we provide:

Video Monitoring

Laydown Fencing

Auto Arming

Vegetation Control

Ground Wire Monitoring

We can also upgrade your security with The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series High-Security Fence. It has additional fiberglass poles and monitored electric fence wires to protect the most high-risk areas.

Electric Fence With Sign

Solutions for Various Sectors

AMAROK serves various commercial and industrial facilities across New York. The adaptability of our system makes it an excellent fit for multiple applications. Here are a few prominent industries in New York that we provide electric fencing for:

  • Trucking
  • Landscaping
  • Equipment rental
  • Metal recycling
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Auto rentals
  • Distribution
  • Airport parking

Our Satisfied Clients in the Northeast

Customers in New York and beyond appreciate the peace of mind and theft protection our systems offer. Our fences have allowed customers to replace traditional security solutions like guards and lighting with a design that prevents 99% of external theft.

View our video testimonials for northeastern customers to see the benefits these systems offer:

*Data collected from AMAROK business cases.

Meeting New York’s Unique Needs

When you come to us for a security solution, you get a personalized process to meet the needs of your business and New York’s state regulations. Our fencing process begins with a site survey where we assess your unique challenges. 

Next, we assign a project manager to work with you throughout the installation. Their work involves securing permits and meeting compliance regulations for the state and local area, and they’ll dispatch a local technician to provide more details about the system and how to run it. 

Once we have fully prepared for installation, we’ll ship and install the fence materials. After your New York electric fence installation, you can trust our Customer Care team for ongoing support.

New York Map

Reach Out to Our Representatives

You can’t plan for losses due to theft, but you can work with AMAROK to design a robust security solution. Contact our team online to speak with a local New York representative about installing this perimeter security solution.