Perimeter Security in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to many commercial and industrial facilities that make attractive targets for thieves unless they have proper perimeter protection. Whether you run a trucking business along Interstate 40 or operate a power station in Belmont, an electric fence can keep your business secure.

These fences can prevent theft and property damage caused by intruders on your property. Come to AMAROK for high-quality electric fencing and other security measures to protect your business.

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Why North Carolina Businesses Need Security

The number of property crimes in North Carolina in 2022 was 215,390. Among these incidents, building theft rates rose 13% from the last year, and vehicle theft increased 7%. While commercial and industrial facilities aren’t the only locations thieves target, they are common sights for these crimes because they are often vacant and left vulnerable at night, making them more attractive to intruders. 

Most North Carolina counties are rural, meaning businesses have large open areas around their perimeter with no one around to witness crimes. Thieves can sneak in undetected. Even in highly populated areas like Charlotte and Raleigh, commercial properties experience theft from catalytic converters to valuable scrap metals to rental equipment.

Protect Your Business With a Electric Security Fence

Electric security fences create a secure barrier around your facilities or outdoor storage areas. They keep intruders from entering your property, which lowers the chances of external theft. When you have an electric fence in North Carolina, you won’t need on-site security guards, creating additional savings for your business and a return on your security investment. 

AMAROK electric fencing offers a threefold defense system. The fence is a barrier and physical indicator that your property has protection. The electric cables provide a memorable but medically safe shock when people try to breach the barrier. Finally, breaches activate lights and alarms, which warn intruders to flee. Here are a few features of our most popular solution, The Electric Guard Dog Fence:

It runs on solar power, meaning you have protection during an outage.

Alerts warn you of breaches or damage to the perimeter.

It uses a 10-foot fence with 7,000-volt shocks.

Users can alarm and disarm the system remotely in our app.

It operates on a subscription-based payment model.

Additional Security Measures

Beyond the shocking deterrent of a security fence, AMAROK offers add-on features to enhance your system and tailor a solution to your needs. Make entry and exit more difficult with features like laydown or angled fencing, and keep an eye on your property with video monitoring. Features like gate auto arming make securing your perimeter more convenient. 

Other options we provide include vegetation control to maintain the areas surrounding your property and security bollards to strengthen your perimeter. Adding our day mode feature lets you keep your fence at a lower voltage during the day and a higher voltage at night. 

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Serving Prominent North Carolina Industries

Many industries in North Carolina benefit from perimeter protection to keep valuable merchandise and machines safe from theft. A few of the most common industries that use our protection are trucking, landscaping and building supply. These industries often have large lots with valuable goods to protect.

Other frequent users of our fencing solutions include critical infrastructure like energy companies. We also provide security for warehouses and distribution centers throughout the state.

Hear From Our Clients in North Carolina

Companies in various industries across North Carolina trust us with their perimeter security. Here are a few we serve:

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Securing Businesses Against Threats

Here are a few ways we enhance your satisfaction during the electric fence installation in North Carolina and offer long-term value through ongoing service:

  • Individual support: Once you sign a contract with us, we assign a dedicated project manager to provide support throughout installation.
  • Compliance: Our project managers work with local and state regulations to meet North Carolina laws and permitting requirements.
  • Training: We ensure you know how to use the system to the fullest potential before we install it.
  • Ongoing care: Our Customer Care team is there every day throughout the lifetime of your system to answer your questions and offer field services.
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Find a Representative for Commercial Security in North Carolina

Whatever commercial or industrial property you defend, rely on AMAROK for reliable protection. Contact us online to get in touch with your local representative.